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Does NACHI have any affiliations/discounts available for medical insurance for husband/wife? Or does anyone recommend who to use for good affordable health insurance. Thanks.

Marry someone with a secure career and good health insurance.:wink:

There is no company that offers the best deal for every person. You have to get quotes from different companies online and see which companies can provide you with the best price:

You do realize that your entire family can be on your “Company” Health Insurance plan don’t you. And more often than not your Company Health Insurance Plan will have Tax Deductions associated with it.

Ask a CPA/Lawyer/Tax person to be sure. :smiley:

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Do you think an individual home inspector could set up a “company” policy as you say and get a dependent on the plan who would otherwise be denied insurance (pre-existing conditions)?

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That would be a question for the Insurance Provider regarding pre existing conditions. Find an Insurance Broker to try and get an answer.

But I do know, that if you did get coverage, you can deduct the Premiums as a Business expense if you meet all the requirements according to Tax Laws.

But we recommend that any Tax advice be reviewed by a Qualified, Licensed, Tax Professional, with remedy as necessary.

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Odd, the Broker I now use called to shop rates.

Check them out if you like, I have no interest or affiliation with the company besides that they find me the best Health Ins Rate.

That is not entirely true and it all depends on the state in which you live. If you have family as part of your “company” health plan, you better have a quarterly tax and wage report that shows them on the books working (being paid for) 30 or more hours of work. And that is assuming that the carrier will let you do it that way. Often times their participation requirements preclude you from going that route.

In some states, the small group market is 1-50 employees in which case you can get a guaranteed issue plan with no pre-ex as a solo inspector asssuming you have existing coverage right now (HIPAA). It will likely you cost you more than getting an individual policy which is subject to pre-ex but its more comprehensive coverage.

The thing I always tell self employed people is to look and see if there is a local chamber of commerce plan that you can buy into. That might be an affordable option for you.

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