We are being cooked in High Springs, FL

We are being cooked in High Springs, FL

Today Mostly sunny and hot, with a high near 97. Heat index values as high as 107. Light southwest wind becoming west 6 to 11 mph in the morning.

Delightful here! :mad: :mad:

81 here right now :lol:

FLORIDA SUCKS the Summers are unbearable and constant.


Come to Toronto ,
**Toronto, ON **

Change Location



Hi: 82°
Partly cloudy with numerous thunderstorms. Chance of storms 70%. High temperature around 82F. Dew point will be around 64F with an average humidity of 65%. Winds will be 4 mph from the WNW.

Lo: 67°
Partly cloudy. Low temperature around 67F. Dew point will be around 63F with an average humidity of 74%. Winds will be 7 mph from the N.

Move to Michigan. Always beautiful.

When my Daughter is done with school I’ll likely leave.

Been in the mid 90’s here in my area!

95 here tomorrow heat index 105.
Be careful in the attics!

Big ole hip mega insulated one today literally took my breath away within minutes. Seemed like I was there forever and not likely 5 Minutes.

And I had to use google translate on EVERY word.

Very sweet ole momma-san. Not one word without GOOGLE TRANSLATE. Google saved the day on a pop-up on the road call from a Realtor who just searched the web. Fast but Hellishly Hot $80 and even a $20 tip.

The lady was so sweet she offered me 1 of 4 mini bottles she offered me off a fine plate as if she was waiting me. I did not even know how to say no thank you so I just took it and drank so I did not offend her.

Mr Lewis, I find the thought of a proud redneck such as yourself being cooked a frightening thought. Not to mention what a tough cut of beef a cooked redneck would produce.

Nice today here, but we suffer in winter.:wink:

You can always put more wood in the fireplace.

A/C Hardly cuts it :frowning:

You should have gave her a big kiss. :mrgreen:

Don’t come to Ohio…well, just because:mrgreen:

Cold Hurts …Hot is uncomfortable…if you chose to live in Florida get over it and take your clothes off ;):cool:

And jump in the pool :wink:

You sure you want me to take your advice? :wink:

If I do I want to go for a ride along with you :slight_smile: