Heat source required in bathrooms

Hey All-
What’s the requirement on a heat source(vent or baseboard or radiant) for bathrooms? I’m thinking that since it’s a habitable room that it should have one?!?

If it is an interior room… (no outside walls) I have never seen any heat vents in the room. Same goes for hallways with no exterior walls.

In a finished basement, that is another thing altogether.

I personally see no need for a room in the middle of the home to have it’s own heat source when it is surrounded by rooms that are heated.

If the room was above a garage, it would be a judgment call. (Is the floor well insulated, etc.)

Hi Jason, thanks for the reply. The bathroom had one exterior wall so that’s why I was thinking it should have a heat source.

I would suggest that one be installed. It may have been an add-on bathroom, if there is more than one bathroom or the house is old enough that it may have had an outhouse when it was built.

Also if it has a window in the room it should have a heat source.

Good catch! something that could easily be overlooked.

My wifes house, the one we live in, had no heat in the second floor front bedroom. She had a home inspection done and it was missed. The inspector did notice the back enclosed porch was missing heat though. Not that, that room mattered. The sellers installed an electric baseboard heater… I disconnected it because the kids kept turning it on in the summer.

My stepson loves the bedroom with no heat. He even opens windows in the winter… except when he has friends comming over.

Check with the state.
A little north of you, there MUST be a heat source in every room or it is not considered habitable space.

In most areas where a home has a basement the basement air is conditioned (Heated). This does not make it part of the habitable part of the house.

There are exceptions to everything.

I have never habituated a bathroom. I will use the bathroom but I do not live in one (habitate).

It can be argued and I’m sure it has been, that a room that is surrounded by heated areas is in turn heated by the surrounding areas.

P.S. Please excuse my tone in my statements, I have been having a bad day… for about 4 days. :twisted::twisted::twisted:

In order to continue from such habitation, sir, continue to avoid my daughter’s cooking.:wink: