No baseboard in bathrooms

Hello, I just did an inspection and the bathrooms were missing a heat source- baseboard heating via oil fired boiler is the source for rest of home. Also upstairs have two large rooms outfitted with a small electric baseboard in each. How would you write it up in the report? Is this a defect?

Bathrooms are Not required to have heat. Does it have a heater in the exhaust fan? , does it possibly have an electric radiant heat under the tile(floor)?
Also does the room have all 4 walls interior of the house or 1 wall on an outside perimeter wall. If all walls interior then room will be same or similar temp of the house, if has 1 outter wall then state there is no heat and there may be the possibility of the room being cooler than the rest of the house and to consider heating options if desired.
As for electric heat baseboard -make sure no receptacle above the baseboard and just advise them of the type of heat and if it works. Dont try and figure why previous owner set it up this way. I just had house yesteray had forced heat from furnace and hot water baseboard in same 2 rooms.
Weird but Im there to report findings and condition of it, not the reasoning.

Thanks cfoley. Master bath with no floor radiant has two outer walls and half bath next to it has one outer wall. Electric baseboard upstairs in Cape is short in length compared to size of rooms.luckily no outlets above. I’ll just not ate possibility of supplemental heat needed in winter and to have qualified contractor evaluate and repair.

Repair what?

Just evaluate not repair.