Heating system efficiency tester

Anyone know anywhere or a good brand of tester to buy for heating system efficiency? I’m not really even sure what I’m looking for.


Which model do you use? Price?

Burt? What’s it all about Alfie…:shock:


Give me a call tonight. I have 2 kits- an older manual liquid type and a newer electronic. Would take too much time to discuss pros/cons on board.

PS: No, I’m not writing a book!!!

**If you are looking for combustion Bacharach, Testo and TSI. But do not use the efficiency scale on the meter as that is for burner efficiency not furnace efficiency.

If you want something to determine BTU/HR capabilities in heating or air conditioning then look at the Testo 435-2 thru - 4 series meters. Has a jeweled micro fan anemometer and two wireless thermometers and Relative Humidity probes.

Short story of the process you input the dimension of the return trunk drop on the meter, install a temperature probe in the return and the supply duct. Average the cfm in the return and the meter will calculate btu per hour for either cooling or heating. This winter it has really helped determining if a gas furnace is producing the heat it’s supposed to.**

Remember you are not the HVAC man.
I check registers with my Infra red thermometer.
Check the flue
check flame
check filter
check gas lines
check blower
Check make up air supply
Check anything visible that may be a problem and notate plate information,but it is not our job to size the thing, or play Licensed mechanical engineer.

I am looking at offering furnace efficiency tests as an ancilliary service.

Do you need an HVAC licence for that in your country?

If you post this, I think you should reconsider.

I buy test equipment to determine what I need to know. You don’t know what you need to know, so I’d just stand clear of that.

Just my observation, short and sweet.

I have worked for several mechanical contractors that had this equipment tucked back in the bottom of a closet. They put it there because even they don’t know what to do with it.

They don’t know what to do with an electronic CO/Combustion Tester???

Do you have an answer to my original question??