Do you reschedule an inspection if it's pouring rain?

I’m the type who won’t let anything stop me but I feel like that may not always be right

Heck no. Its the best time to inspect. Roof leaks are easier to diagnose when you can see the water pouring in. Sux to do the exterior but thats what rainsuits are for. Usually can’t get on the roof, about it.

I postponed one by a few hours a couple weeks ago while a tropical storm blew by, but still got out there that day :slight_smile:

Here in Florida if I didn’t inspect because of rain I would be doing nothing.
I alway check radar a few house before to know what to expect.
Thought about gettin’ an EZ Up canopy to do the outside panels, but most likely will not.

Thats sort of how I feel, not going to let rain stop me.


I prefer inspecting in the rain. Kind of like water-testing it.

No way, the rain doesn’t bother me, I have a rain coat in my truck 24-7.

The best CYA is when it’s pouring rain outside with you and your client and the agent are inside where it’s all nice and cozy dry! Just remind them of that if they ever call about a roof leak!

I carry a poncho in the van.

Does Lefty go with you as well?:smiley:


I serve my clients burritos at the inspection too.:wink:

I do no inspecting in the rain if there is any soap in the rain. I don’t want any soap on me;-):wink:

Well there is a time when I will not inspect in the rain and that is when it becomes as hard as ice.:mrgreen:

It is hard for me to inspect in the rain because sugar melts and everyone knows how sweet i am

I wonder how Sean will respond to that comment! :-k

I don’t reschedule. I have at times inspected the exterior the day before, but only if the house is close enough. Otherwise, I try to hit the exterior between showers.

I may alter my routine and do the interior first and then the outside if there’s a chance it will stop…but I have yet to cancel an inspection because of weather.

If I did that, I would have to close shop for 6 months out of the year. The only thing the rain affects is the condition of the roof for walking purposes. I won’t walk a wet mossy roof. That stuff is as slippery as snot on a steel floor. :shock:

ditto, I also do inside first if its really muddy