Height of garage door photocells

Anyone remember, off the top of your head, the height requirements for the safeties (photocells) on a garage door? I am out of the office and could use the info.

6 inches…i think

Yep. 6 inches.

I would never bother to get the tape out to check though…eyeball 6

This one is 31 inches, by the tape… Had trouble eyeballing it!!! LOL:roll:

Thanks guys!!!

Manufacturers 4-6 inches so it will stop and reverse the door if a small child were to crawl through the beam.


I could eyeball that one without my glasses…couldn’t read the tape though!

Yes, 6 inches. Just remember “a small childs head”.

Yep… 6 inches. Just remember a “small childs head” should break the beam.

Pull the instructions down off the garage door opener (where I usually find them) and show the appropriate section to your customer!

Here is a handy hint if you should forget your measuring stick - US Paper currency is presently standardized at 6-1/16 inches. Pretty darn close for our purposes to 6 inches.
Fold it in half - 3 inches: Fold it in thirds - 2 inches: Fold it in thirds & open one fold - 4 inches (for checking railing spindle(picket) spacing. Also good for an uncertain eyeball to confirm 2X6 or 2X8 - just remember though- a 2Xwhatever isn’t, depending on the era it was sawn.

It is good to know it’s worth something. :mrgreen:

Min. of 2 inches to a max. of 6 inches are req’d.
T.Neyedli CHI

When a small childs head isn’t available I just wiggle my foot in the beam :wink:

Parents are so damned sensitive these days :shock:



Depending on the manufacturer, but I have never seen it written over 6 inches. There are some companies that say 5 to 6 inches while some others I have read was written 4 to 6 inches. I’ve never seen 2 to 6 inches but I can believe one of the manufacturers have it written in the installation manual.

A little off the subject; I normally find that the manufacturer recommends a high loop system to be installed for a dishwasher. I just came across a dishwasher where the installation manual was written that a high loop drain is required for the dishwasher to operate properly. First time I’ve seen that strong of wording used in an installation manual.

Only problem is that the customers get ticked when I ask them if I can borrow money. I can’t afford to carry that stuff.