Height of service panel

What is the minimum height that a service panel should be installed off the floor. Thanks!

No minimum.

Only a maximum for main disconnect operating handle.

Thanks! I knew the maximum, I could not find anything on the minimum. I have never seen a panel mounted that low in a garage before.

Handicap accessible.

Keep in mind that, no matter how low the box is located, there must still be a minimum of 6’6" of headroom in front of it. A shelf or other obstruction over this panel would be a violation.

That what you meant Jim.?:):smiley:

Correct, nothing above

I think it should be high enough so the family dog can’t lift his leg on it…

Perhaps a special CMI forum is in order.

Just remember…their is a minimum when it comes to mobile homes. No less than 24" from the bottom of the distribution panel to the floor level of the mobile home [550.11(A)] and when outside 24" from finish grade or working platform[550.32(F)].

So those that inspect mobile homes…you DO have a minimum height requirement to be aware of…normal dwellings…not an issue.

Thanks! Paul