Hello. I’m a new inspector

Hello everyone. I just completed my CPI requirements. Now I got it, what would you suggest is my next step to becoming successful in the Home Inspection Industry? I’m looking to work in the ATL or Sav GA area.

Welcome aboard Tyrone and good luck.

Honestly… you should not be dwelling on how to be successful, but rather… getting started and mastering the art of inspecting and operating a service business!
IF you accomplish that, (among many other items), the success will follow.
If you don’t… it won’t!!

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Happy Inspecting !!!

Congratulation Tyrone and much success to you.

I’m a new inspector as well. What advice can you all give for starting your own business? I’ve purchased most of all my supplies except a ladder and pole camara. What steps did you all take to get your business up and running successfully? I’m finding it hard to locate employment but I know my faith so just looking for mentoring advice. Thank you.


First, read this.

The next step is read everything in this link.


Congratulations Tyrone, celebrate these important steps. The real work begins now, marketing yourself, one thing I stick to is to do keep building everyday, some realtor emails, some learning and reading, social media etc. One step forward everyday.
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Good morning Ian, thank you for this information. As I read over several posting for good advice and to keep me focus in the direction I’m heading. I appreciate your response.