HELP!!!! Cold Call Techniques

Hi Everyone.

I have been trying for a bit to broaden my client list by doing cold calls. I have been looking to find techniques on the interNACHI site but have not had any luck finding them. I am eager to know what cold calling has done for you and your businesses. This subject is what I am the worst at. Not to mention that I have no idea on what to say to the person on the other line or when I go into a firm to talk to someone I do not know. I have no problems doing an outstanding report and inspection but when it comes cold anything, I do not know where to start. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I have had negative success cold calling agents and very little success stopping in to see them. The best luck I have had is with social networking for agents and a quality inspection for the client. I also offer clients a referral reward of a $25 visa gift card, which is starting to work now.

And does this “social networking” include cooking breakfast for them Jim??:p:p

Drew, can you elaborate on the social networking thing. I’m assuming your talking about activerain and facebook (maybe), what other social events to you suggest.

Linus, what did you do at the beginning of your HI career prior to having calls come to you without having to suck up to realtors?

IMHO…your wasting your time…again my 2 cents…use your time and $ in other things to gain work:cool:

What are the other things your referring to. You can send me a private message if you don’t want to give out your trade secrets without having to kill me.

I branched off into draw inspections, thermal imaging, mold inspections, various field services inspections, property preservation etc. Even in slow times I am busy and have a steady income. But some people want to do only home inspections and can’t get their hands dirty. The only way to make a living doing only home inspections is to be married to a realtor or to be bent over by lots of realtors…if you know what I mean;)

Yes it does! As I stated before, I serve it on a soft report with koolaid as a refreshment.:mrgreen::mrgreen:

I have had little tono success with AR. Russell Ray seems to be the king of that and does well with it.

I use Facebook a lot and I create a monthly newsletter through Icontact. I send out the newsletter once a month to clients and agents and that keeps my name in front of them. There are others who send out direct mailings along with the email marketing. Direct mailing is touch and go, depending upon the area you live in.

I have a neighbor who was a pharmaceuticals salesperson, and she could literally sell ice cream to Eskimos. She has offered to run my brochures around for me, so we’ll see how that goes.

The best agent contacts that I have though came from clients that I got with Service Magic. I inspected a condo for a “problem” client who was a single young woman and an attorney. She was the easy one. Her parents grilled me through the entire inspection and the agent was impressed with how I was still able to control the situation. She won’t refer anyone else now. I have blown deals for her too. I now have three agents who always refer me through my Service Magic clients. That is why I said, doing a good honest job is the best way to get the referrals going.

Cold-calls are a waste of time and may do more harm than good. When was the last time you were receptive to a “salesperson” who called you, trying to get your business?