Cold Calling Agents

This week I started cold calling agents trying to get a bit of their time. Out of about twenty agents called, I managed to get one appointment that went really well.

Does anyone even do this anymore? Does anyone have tips to get through? I mostly get voice mails when I call. I usually wont call the same agent more that twice. I always finish a message with the standard “If you get a chance, call me back”, but I do not expect a call.

Any suggestions?



If you get work from agents by cold calling, there’s a strong possibility the agents dumped their previous inspector because he was labeled a deal killer. Agents who like their inspector are generally not open to change. I don’t call on agents but if you are find the newbies.

The way I have been doing it with limited success is use and search for active agents in my area. Most about 50% of agents are not even working. I also get their voice mail most of the time as the # listed is their office. I introduce myself and ask if I can send them some information,works for me.

Try visiting the offices personally. Usually the new agents are required to perform phone duty. While some experienced agents do this as well, often you will meet a new agent that has no experience with an HI. This would be a great opportunity to meet them, and get them into the mindset of needing a thorough inspection for their clients, before they develop a “sale at all cost” mindset.

Is it best to just trudge on and take whatever you can get out of agents?

It is not best , but will get your feet wet with confidence.

When starting out you should try everything, and not listen to everything here.

I never marketed to Agents ,but tried fliers,networking,leaving cards,etc.

Stopped the flyers:)

Just do not give up the farm ,or let anyone dictate terms or if they do, it is best to run.

Be the premium guy and bargain down to average price for best effect.

First impression is made immediately and sticks.

Low ball shows desperate, low quality , willingness to bow down and a definite weakness.

So far price hasn’t been an issue. I’m at $350. for an HI and that is middle-high in my area. The agents that I have talked to, didn’t mind the price at all.

This is now my full time gig, so I need to pound the pavement to get my name out there.


Curious… when you speak with clients or realtors… who are you… James or Drew???

Example: You are registered with Nachi as James Levy…
Your signiture says Drew Levy…
Your website says James (Drew) Levy.

No disrespect intended. I just think you may have a confusion problem in the works. Your “Brand” needs to be 100% consistant. A realtor may be looking for Drew Levy because you did an awesome job for her, but, she can only find James Levy’s phone number.

(Okay… she might be blond, I’ll give you that).:wink:

I almost always go as Drew. When I signed up with Nachi I used my full legal name as James Andrew Levy. For licensing purposes, I have to use my full legal name. If someone were to call out to me on the street as James, I wouldn’t even look up. I just don’t really use my full name. At home it’s “you S O B”:mrgreen:

I was hit pretty hard in a lawsuit with technical violations under the NJ Consumer Fraud Act, because I used to use Drew on my contracts. I also had a company that was named James A. Levy Inc. that I shortened to J.A. Levy Inc. for logo purposes. Since Nachi certs. and stuff are printed with your account info. I used my full name for Nachi.

When I introduce myself it is almost always Drew. that is why I put that name in parentheses on my contract, website, BC’s ect. It’s annoying, but I will have to live with it.:slight_smile:

I wan to clarify that James A. Levy Inc. was a residential construction company. In NJ home inspectors are exempt from the consumer fraud act.

**A sales tactic I used for several years is to pick up the names and email addresses of realtors newly inducted as members into the local realtors association. They publish the new member’s names and contact information after each month’s ceremony. I simply congratulate them and let them know that I am here to provide home inspection services to their clients. I have established business relationships with a few realtors that have become successful and, in turn, expanded my client referral base. It has worked for me. **

I’ve had a little luck going to open houses and meeting the agents there.

I have a yearly “party” for agents they love free alcohol!

Kissing real estate agent *** will leave a bad taste in your mouth. I don’t market to them anymore and a busy almost all year round. Market to the consumer…the time and effort you spend trying to hook one agent can be better spent reaching out to hundreds of potential consumers. Big waste of time in my opinion for a little bit of return.

There are other inspectors out there that depend soley on realtors for referrals. You will find out that real estate agents in this neck of the woods are like flies. They have a life span of about 15 minutes and they all think their pile of crap is the center of the world.

Try using People love to chat on-line.

I have built up an agent friend list. Now I send them post cards and chat with them all the time. Booked an inspection today with an agent team that would have never called me if I did not just ask them to be my facebook friend.

I helped an agent get a job for the Christmas holidays through facebook. 2 years ago she closed 20 million now with the housing market in my area it got so tough she needed extra income, just so happens I was on the spot with a great connection. Just think when the market comes back and she does another 20 million what that will mean for me.

I’ve been doing the real estate inspections for 10 years now and I can honestly say 80 %+ of my business comes from an agent or a coordinator in real estate offices. In my experience when a buyer is looking for a inspection, that be pest,roof,home, ect they go to their agent and ask them for a list or help. IMO its worth your time getting in with a few of the local agents that stay busy all the time, that is the key. I have agents that used me in 2000 and now in 2010 they are still calling me. Point being some of these agents move 1 to ??? homes a month and most of them have an inspection needed so who do they call….again just my 2 cents. Do I kiss there *** some I will but only because they give me thousands of $$$ a month coming in. Some guys on here will say they would never market to agents……that maybe true in some parts of the country but I can honestly say out here in central CA unless you’re in with some agents you will not be getting much work around here. With the banks giving most buyers only 5 days to get all there inspections done and in…they don’t have time to sit around and research and call 10 inspectors to pick one, ect. They ask there agent and the call is made right there and the inspection is booked. In my last 100 hi’s I can count on one hand how many of those inspections was called in by the buyer, the rest…the agent called and booked it for them. Most agents have a team of inspectors, contractors, appraisers, ect. Again IMO you want to be on that list…it can’t hurt anything! SO IMO YES MARKETT TO AGENTS….and for the guys on here that don’t…don’t worry about them, it sounds like they do just fine and that’s awesome guys. One last note, imo with agents they have a HIGH turnover rate; they key is getting with the 20% that sell all the homes.

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Kissing real estate agent *** will leave a bad taste in your mouth. quote]

You must have not been working it right…:mrgreen: lol…j/k!

When I started out I would cold call on Realtors at Open Houses. Bring a report, some cards, maybe a flyer, and go TALK to them. :smiley: