Help Determining Reportable Service Size

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Any guidance is appreciated. The listing claimed a 100 amp service however:

  1. The distribution panel is rated for 72 amps,
  2. The main breaker which feeds the panel is rated for 100amps. I could not open the main breaker box because it was tied shut.
  3. The Aluminum service wires entering the distribution panel from the main breaker box appear to me to be AWG 3 or so.

The photo I have attached is blown up to show the true size of the service cables which measure nearly 1/2" wide including the insulation. Yes I noticed the double tap on the service cables.

I reported this as “appears to be 60 amp service” based on the size of the aluminum service wire and the rating on the distribution panel. Here in Canada I believe that 60 amp service for aluminum wire requires AWG 4. If it were a 100amp service the aluminum wire would be required to be AWG 1. Surely this wire is not AWG 1.

What do you think?

If the panel was rated for 72 amps with a 100 amp disconnect, that would be a “reportable defect.”

The double tap is a big issue. Those conductors surely can’t handle the 100 amp potential from the disconnect.

The conductors appear to be tinned-copper rather than AL, and the one on the right (feed from the disconnect?) appears to have been over heated.

Main breaker tied shut? Reportable defect.

The entire system is aged and has been modified by someone other than a professional. Defer all of it. . .


Good catch, very sharp eye, you must have at one time or another work as an electrician?


Thanks for the response. What would you report as the service size?


The tinned-copper is rated at 100 Amp

Actually, no. I’ve always hated electricity :smiley:

The rating would be 72 amps based on the panel rating. However, the 100 amp disconnect is improper.

It was probably a 60 amp service at one point and was over-fused by (possibly) the same person that double tapped the conductors.

Coming home from having a margarita at On The Border, the van in front of me had this bumper sticker:

“Wiring is not a hobby. Hire a licensed electrician.”

Also check that “Grounding” wire that appears to be bonding to the panel case by simply wrapping around one of the screws in the back of the panel…

Nice clear photos, craig