Service Size

This panel is rated for 100amp, but the service wire seems small to me. It’s also frayed. I was able to pull the right side fuse block (2 35 amp) but not the left side. There were some other issues. Just wondering if anyone can help verify if service size is large enough for 100 amp.

Robbi Cull and Donna McMhan 159.JPG

Robbi Cull and Donna McMhan 166.JPG

Robbi Cull and Donna McMhan 156.JPG

Robbi Cull and Donna McMhan 172.JPG

Robbi Cull and Donna McMhan 170.JPG

Looks bigger than a 60 so I would guess that the SE cable is rated for 100 amps, but you would need some more definitive photo’s to make that determination.

Hi Walt,

…agree with Robert.

Plus, the 30 amp fuses look over sized and I’m sure you see the double tapping, etc.

Hope the UP is treating you well.

Id call out the fraying, it looks like on conductor has already been tapped up at the weather head.

Is that a transformer inside the panel?

Also look like there is no drip loop on two of the wires at the weather head.

If the utility where you are is the same as the one where I am, that appears to be a 60 Amp service. The utility uses #6 wires from the pole, the wires at the weatherhead look to be the same size in your picture, #6, rated for 60 Amps because it is inside a conduit. If it was 100 Amp the #4 wires at the weatherhead would be noticeably larger in diameter. The size of the conduit is also a clue, #6 are usually in a 1" conduit, #4 in a l.5".

Thanks everyone. Yes, I did call out the other issues. I think the transformer was for the doorbell BTW. This one was difficult because of what Erik pointed out. I wasn’t sure and told the buyer that.

I am a licensed electrical contractor and a HI. I would never pull the main fuses out on an old fuseblock on a home inspection. I have had them disintegrate as they are pulled out. This leads to a panel replacement. An electrical customer would understand. A seller would not.