Help! Do I have impact windows or not?

Short story:

Had addition put on (second story) late 2007. Builder upcharged me for impact windows, telling me I wouldn’t need plywood covers, etc. I went with it.

2008 I had several downstairs windows replaced with impact windows.

Last month a downstairs window broke. Don’t know what broke it, but it broke like a normal window except there is a second pane still intact behind outer one. Coincidentally same installer was here the day after doing an estimate for replacing the rest of the windows. He tells me the broken window isn’t an impact window! I remind him he charged me for impact glass (permit was pulled, no plywood window covers, so I assumed it was). Builder has yet to call me back.

One window upstairs had a label on them, not embossed but simply printed, that state:

Sorry, forgot to add that I am in Pasco County, FL, on the water!