Help! Do I have impact windows or not?

Help! Do I have impact windows or not?

Posted this in the general exterior forum, but figured this may be a better place for it. If consensus here is that I do not have impact windows I will need to hire someone to do a written inspection for me to back it up.

Short story:

Had addition put on (second story) late 2007. Builder upcharged me for impact windows, telling me I wouldn’t need plywood covers, etc. I went with it.

2008 I had several downstairs windows replaced with impact windows.

Last month a downstairs window broke. Don’t know what broke it, but it broke like a normal window except there is a second pane still intact behind outer one. Coincidentally same installer was here the day after doing an estimate for replacing the rest of the windows. He tells me the broken window isn’t an impact window! I remind him he charged me for impact glass (permit was pulled, no plywood window covers, so I assumed it was). Builder has yet to call me back.

I live in Pasco County, on the water.

One window upstairs had a label on them, not embossed but simply printed, that state: Product Approval
USER: Public User Product Approval Menu > Product or Application Search > Application List

Search Criteria Refine Search

Code Version2010FL#5855Application TypeAffirmationProduct ManufacturerALLCategoryWindowsSubcategorySingle HungApplication StatusApprovedCompliance MethodCertification Mark or ListingCertification AgencyKeystone Certifications, Inc.Validation Entity/ValidatorALLQuality Assurance Entity Contract ExpiredALLProduct Model, Number or Name138-212Product Description8100 vinyl single hung /finApproved for use in HVHZALLApproved for use outside HVHZALLImpact ResistantYesDesign Pressure+ DP /- 67.5psfOtherALL Search Results - Applications
There are no records that match the search criteria.

*Approved by DBPR. Approvals by DBPR shall be reviewed and ratified by the POC and/or the Commission if necessary.

I think I stumbled upon that site too and came up with no information… from what I can decipher from the above you came up with no approval record either, correct? Meaning it should not have been installed and called impact resistant, correct? If I have that right I wonder why the building inspector did not notice, unless he was just looking at the plan specifications and assumed the windows were correct? I’m so confused…


FL 5855 Listed here

That window is impact rated for a house in Pasco County

I believe as others have stated, it is only impact approved outside the HVHZ.


I believe these are your windows.

Basic Details

Category Windows - Mullions - Skylights
Model 8100 Vinyl Single Hung
Agency Status Superseded; a newer listing exists or this does not comply with the current code.
Last Sync 2012-04-30 12:24:36
Extended Details

Max Pos (+) Design Pressure, PSF 75
Min Neg (-) Design Pressure, PSF 75
Date Approval Expires 09/30/2005
Impact Rating Yes [FL]
Other Agency Listing Information Listed Design Pressure(s): =75/-75
Date Submitted: December 31, 1969
Date Validated: July 13, 2006
Approved inside HVHZ: No
Approved outside HVHZ: Yes
Entity: Keystone Certifications, Inc.
Compliance Method: Certification Mark or Listing
Other: Basic Protection =/
Official Site Status: Approved

The sticker itself proves it is impact rated…ASTM E1886-02/E1996-02. The outside glass panel may be standard glass which broke. The inside panel should be laminated glass.

got ya! Thanks!

Yes, you should go with that as the region you have stated is very much hurricane-prone but have to choose wisely in terms of installation of the same as it all depends upon the quality you are getting at last…

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