Townhouse window protection question

I inspected a townhouse in Broward County built in 2009. The windows were not impact and there were no mounting holes or signs of hurricane panels anywhere in the complex. Do townhouses have different construction codes than single-family homes when it comes to protecting openings?

No it does not


How was this set of townhouses constructed without impact windows or shutters? They are only 1 to 2 years old. Any ideas?

Where are these?

Were they owner builder? Here in Brevard county an owner/builder can still get away with building a house without shutters… they just have to sign all kinds of disclosures.

They are in Dania Beach (Broward County). 30 plus townhouses.


I think you missed something. Maybe a new shutter. I live close to Dania. Be happy to ride by and take a look for you.

I would appreciate it. 4746 SW 39th Way, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33312 (Dania). The whole complex is the same way.

Tim - this is scary. How long have you been inspecting. All of the windows that I looked at are impact and have the stamp in the corners. I sure hope you did not call them out as non impact.

Scary? What did the stamp in the corner say. You told me on the phone you couldn’t read it. There was a security glass stamp, no other markings. If you would have knocked on the windows you may question them being impact as well. The french doors were really flimsy too. You also asked me how long I have been inspecting. I told you since 1999 on the phone too. I was looking for advise not an ego trip post after our phone conversation. I find that happens a lot on this message board. That is why I almost never post. Ill go back tomorrow and ask for papers at the association.


How much do you charge per unit when you do complexes like that. I have had a few calls but I guess I am to high.

Hi Michael,

It was only a residential home inspection on one of the townhouse units for a buyer. Wasn’t the whole complex. Not even a wind mitigation.

Oh. Email me the address and if I am up to it "I have a terrible cold not just lazy " and it is along my way i’ll swing by tomorrow and give you my opinion. I am in Dania Beach.

Michael, I got what I needed. Thanks.