Rental Inspection Software

I am adding a Rental Inspection Program to my list of Inspection services and I am needing a Property Management Inspection Sotware. The type of inspection form I am looking for just needs basic home information with condition check boxes and ability to add photos. I use Homegauge for my home inspections but it is a little long for Rental Inspections. Thanks.

I am unfamiliar with Homegauge but hear good things about it I use HIP and have found the program very easy to customize and think it would work to make a template fit your need. You can make a 1 page report if that is what you want. Dom offers a free trial and you cant beat that. Several here will offer to assist in getting you started with a template. Give mea shout if needed

Yep you can create custom sections on the fly and add photos into any section

You can customize HG too.

I know you can customize HG a lot…but I am not sure to what extent you can shrink it down. Are you using a handheld with HG at all ? With our software you can easily create a one page report if you wanted to. We specialize in handheld software to easily collect the data as you are walking around and create a Word document automatically based on the data.

Brownie, ask on the HomeGauge message boards if someone has made a template for rentals or make your own. HG is very customizable and there’s no need to buy anything else.

Dom, have any of your members created a rental property inspection template for HIP? I do these inspections from time to time.

Darin that should be easy.
Use your regular template and focus on photo captions.
Just take more pictures than usual and list pre-existing defects in the defect area changing the title from defects to pre-existing unit issues.
It is that easy.
I rented out apartments for many years.

Thanks for the tips Bob.

Brownie, you may want to select the apartment template that is already in your program. Open, select File; “save as” (give it a name), and then delete any section/ item you don’t need (or add sections/ items as needed). By selecting “Save as”, you maintain the original template in the program for future use. Also, in the Misc tab, select Invoice and add your Rental Inspection service (save when prompted).

What Bob said. I know quite a few guys that do them and some that ONLY do them, but I haven’t seen any shared on the message boards.

The inspectors that only do them occasionally usually use their inspection report and set the program to not print anything they don’t comment on (since the reports are usually shorter, just more pics like Bob said). Guys who only do it have deleted stuff from the template.

I’ve seen the end result, just have received any templates I can share.

May be because different areas have different laws in regard to tenants rights Dom.
I have lots of literature on them but they only apply to Chicago.

Thanks Dom.

The other issue is that even when other inspectors share their templates…90% of the time they do not work for other inspectors. Inspectors are each very unique in how they want to word things and where they are in the country. A template created in Wisconsin here would not work very well in Florida or in California. Most of the software lets inspectors create their own templates and a lot of times it is easier to create their own then to use someone elses and modify it. Especially for something unique like a rental inspection. Just my 2cents again.

Good idea. Thanks for the Info.