Help identifying inspection software

Can anyone identify this report software based on this photo? It’s a really nice looking report and very user friendly. I’d like to explore it further. Thanks!

Martin, I can’t help identify the software but…

Welcome to our forum!..Enjoy! :smile:


You do realize that color is not a distinguishing feature of fonts. A font is a style of character not a color. It would be more accurate to say, “The following colors were used in the report to better identify issues:” The fonts are identical. If you’re colorblind it won’t mean anything to you anyway.

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It looks like Home Inspector Pro, unless someone else has the same Icons.


Where did you find it?

80 Pages??? What a POS!!!


Thanks Larry! I’m looking forward to having something to contribute!

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Good catch!


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My neighbor sent it to me. His real estate agent sent him the last inspection report that was done on a house he’s buying. He liked the format better than the report I sent to him, and was good enough to tell me so.

Thanks Steve, I’ll check it out.

Did you get the whole report or just that photo?


I have the whole thing. I looked everywhere on it, it doesn’t say what software it is.

The homeowner liked it, especially the icons.

Welcome to the forum, Martin, Enjoy!! :grinning:

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It is Home Inspector Pro, Martin.


It is definitely Home Inspector Pro. The new upgrade that is coming out soon is going to blow all others out of the water.

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I hope it does. I’ve had all sorts of issues with mine, but I think I have some template issues that aren’t software problems.

No problems here, great software.

You need to get ahold of support. Even an upgrade won’t help issues if it template related.