Just because i love her :)

Wife’s new or I should say first carry pistol :slight_smile:

I sold 2 to by one but hey it did not cost me anything out of pocket and I got it at a great price $399.00 If I waited till whenever one should up I could of got the cop price at $389.00 but who knows when that would have been.


Once she gets good with it I will get her this:


:slight_smile: I have been trying to get one for my wife for a few months. After trying more than a few compact pistols she was about ready to get a Ruger LCP and I said lets just se how this one feels and what the trigger is like. We never even fired it but after dry-firing it she had made up her mind. It really has a very short trigger pull compared to everything else we tried and it breaks “like a glass rod” at about 6 1/2 lbs. I can’t wait to see how she does with it and I may even have to shoot that day as well :slight_smile: I take her to a place to shoot on Mondays where ladies shoot free and just teach and train her but I’ll have to drop the big bucks on the next day :slight_smile: At least now I have a little something to look forward to. :slight_smile:

That’s my daily carry pistol. I love it!

I did not realize or I should say I forgot they have one without the safety :frowning: The one there is small and stiff. I will just train her to use it all the time but carry it off that way if it gets in the on position she will just turn it of instinctively :slight_smile: For me it is un-natural NOT to sweep with my thumb as I have had 1911’s for years. Funny thing is my newest home pistol is a Ruger full size 9 and safety UP is how it works. I do not like that but practice, practice, practice makes you remember. I can’t complain as I traded a 30 06 for it and still have 2 left :slight_smile: I did not need 3 30 06’s.

Does anyone know if they make an aftermarket safety for the shield bigger?

My gunsmith just removed it

I have heard of doing that. I do not mind a safety. I just do not like that one.

I love my LCP with a wallet holster. :smiley:
No safety, single action.

I just bought my daughter a present last week.
Charter Arms Pink Lady.

Nice. Now thats a thoughtful and caring Dad :slight_smile:

She’s got a 2 week old baby & now wants to carry.
She gave me back the one I gave her.
It’s a Colt Police Positive Special.
The 4" barrel is way too big for her purse!

I don’t want her to have a semi - this way nothing can ever jam.
You pull the trigger, it’s goes BANG every time. :cool:

Just for the heck of it, Rapid Firing Female:

I just sold a S&W airlite j frame semi enclosed hammer with crimson trace concealed carry grips and a S&W 9 to get the money to buy her the shield. I used to think like you do about revolvers but after spending a lot of time with my wife at the range I noticed she really shot pistols better because of the reduced recoil and shorter trigger pull. They seem to intimidate her less than the little revolver did. I think it finally clicked when I saw how well she shot my kimber ultra compact 45 with no laser compared to the 38 with. I am currently still carrying one but I am not intimidated by it.