Help on EIFS

NEVER EVER!!! assume age or visual observation is an end all
with any wall cladding install, eifs or any other material

earliest wrb eifs job i’ve seen was mid '80s old school #15 builder felt used for wrb
not a leak 1 or any evidence of moisture intrusion

if you’re not observing foundation & roof termination, removing cover plates, fixtures, etc., examining & testing all surfaces at all elevations you’re playing with fire

to put it bluntly risking your company’ and family’ assets…

i just came off a shaq that had partial barrier eifs & partial insulated drainage 7/8"stucco

general observation could have and has in prior reports concluded either from the front elevation

i clearly depicted via pix and described where the different materials were installed

write hard and work safe in all aspects

The few pictures you show indicate poor install & bad or missing details. If you don’t know that … DO NOT try to give advice on EIFS except like:

It does not appear that all of the accessory details were done correctly on the EIFS system. Because of the type of cladding system that EIFS is, the initial signs of moisture entry may be hidden inside the wall cavities and not immediately visible. Determining the full condition of this type of stucco system can not be done by a visual examination alone and is beyond the capability of the type inspection we’re doing. We did not perform moisture probing or intrusive testing, etc.

Due to known issues with**[FONT=Arial][size=2] [/size][/FONT]EIFS type stucco Systems (including class action lawsuits of various types), we recommend further evaluation, testing and a full moisture analysis of the EIFS /[FONT=Arial][size=2] **[/size][/FONT]Stucco System. This will determine if moisture intrusion has occurred and if necessary architectural details are present and/or installed improperly.

[size=2]We recommend that you consult a certified stucco specialist to further evaluate your stucco system; the architectural details; and test for the possibility of moisture intrusion. For a list of EDI Certified Stucco Inspectors and Specialists, go to:
[/size][/FONT][size=2][/size]]( to find a qualified inspector.

Barrier EIFS. banned in some states.
pHOTO #3 The shingles get the same treatment as siding. No contact for 2" up the EIFS walled surface worth step and counter flashing ON THE SHINGLES.
#5 There should be an expansion joint where the mixed materials meet.

thanks for the link!

Ron Huffman is one of the featured Inspectors. you do the INACHI EIFS course yet John?
Thanks for the link Dan.

Bob I know you can do EIFS. Barriers and Drainage plains. Barrier EIFS is banded in several states.

I like that comment.
That’s why I did not go into detail.
Most barrier EIFS is poorly detailed to start with.

was not developed to be used over wooden structures.

but it sure made easy fixes for bullet riddled block brick walls and patched up masonry buildings ??

even then it had /has problems.