Help Wanted: 4-point and Wind Mit inspector wanted in Tampa Bay area.

This is an insurance inspection job performing 4 point inspections and wind mitigation inspections on residential and small commercial properties in the Tampa Bay area. You will work from your house and drive to the inspection property. All scheduling will be done for you. Some tools are provided and an iPad is provided as well for filling out the form and viewing schedule. Good knowledge of tablets and internet a must. This job is very reliant on good photographs just like a claims adjuster. All training will be provided. InterNACHI membership, good driving record and reliable vehicle required. Physically fit is also a requirement due to climbing and crawling through hot attics at times.

Jeff Woodley

Thank you,
Jeff Woodley

Four Point Inspection (includes Roof information) $65
Wind Mitigation (includes Roof Certification) $65
Four Point and Wind Mitigation Combo $90
Roof Certification $45
Replacement Cost Valuation (Residential) $100


Yep, and the inspector gets about half of that…:twisted: Even the multi-inspector firms are low ballers around here.

No one is better off with a multi inspector firm if they make their living doing insurance stuff. Worse part is the insurance people telling people what they SHOULD pay.

Please explain to us how or why you know this, have you ever run a multi-inspector company or are you just making this up? I have several inspectors that would disagree with you. Some have been inspecting more than 15 years and have no desire to be on their own.

I am crushed that you censored my earlier post. I only told the truth.

What do they make per mit or NACHI 4 point?

That should prove my point for me.

And they kiss the insurance companies a s s e s and agree with whatever crap the agencies and the OIR toss out there…>>>>>>>>>>.W H Y.


Same reason most wanted every Tom, Dick or Harry to have the right to do the insurance inspections in the first place.


Again your a dumb ***, you should get another award. I was against licensing. The inspectors make more than you advertise. They don’t have to do most of the office work either. Again you don’t have a clue about what you are typing.

B u l l sh i t Home inspector user TOOL.

Wow those are the prices before the split. Amazing. I guess someone looking for the experience or just breaking into the business. Can’t see that lasting though. Has to be high turnover associated as well.


Is that all you have? I told you before I know that tools area useful. You should stop drinking and take an anger management class or two. If you look inward you might be able to explain your failed business practices. Just something to consider after you wake up this morning.

It is truly amazing how everyone knows what the split is, and everything else!

The company provides all the tools and training. The company provides all the leads and schedules the appointments. All the inspector has to do is show up.

Depending on the form used, and we can take the one page mm form as an example, you could do the 4-point and wm in about 20 minutes. If they have the right software, it wold take about another 10 minutes to finish and send the report. The final version is probably completed in the office.

Say you did 8 of these a day and when you leave your last stop, you are done.
If you only got half of the fees posted, that would be around $300 a day, probably more.

Or, you can sit at home and get excited about doing one $150 4-point a day! :mrgreen:

This is something I think is so very true :cool:

Any studies available to back that up?

And of course:

I might agree with Mikey when speaking, but typing… probably not.