15-20$ Wind Mit????

Busy Inspection Company is looking for a motivated candidate to perform Wind Mitigation Inspections, 4 Point Inspections and Roof Condition Certifications.

High academic achievements and/or letters of recommendation may be considered if you are a motivated individual with limited work experience.
Recent high school graduates and college students encouraged to apply.

1 year experience performing wind mitigation, 4 point and roof inspections.
Contractors and/or home inspectors license preferred but not required
Must have a professional appearance, great attitude, well groomed and be personable at all times.
Must be able to work on your own with little or no supervision.
Reliable transportation is a must.
The right candidate will be able to transport ladders and other tools of the trade to the jobsites with your vehicle.
Candidate must be physically fit enough to perform the inspections safely without causing damage to property and/or him or herself.
Candidate must be detail oriented, and have great computer skills.
Must be responsible for all company provided inspection equipment.

Must be able to pass a drug and background check.

Compensation depends on experience and performance.
Current average $700-$900 weekly
Location: Brevard
Compensation: $15-$20 Per Inspection + Gas Allowance
This is a contract job.
Principals only. Recruiters, please don’t contact this job poster.
Please, no phone calls about this job!
Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.
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OK, how many Licensed HI’s or contractors want to do a wind mit for 20$ or maybe 15$… Figure at least 5 a day to make 100$??? How many to make the 700-900$? Oh wait they do provide a gas allowance…(Let’s see, gas at about 3.70$ and rising,truck gets about 15mpg, I think your gas allowance would have to be more than the per inspection pay?)
Who is this? I bet even Meeker wouldn’t do a wind mit for 20$ let alone 15$ (no offense intended Mike).
I hope this company is not affiliated with NACHI.

Absolutely correct Sir.
I would not.

Any time in any state that has any rules, regulations, or educational requirements on home inspections, or any inspection of any type, the laws create cheap, low-cost, basic minimal inspections. All these laws do, and have done in many states, is dumb-down our profession. This is brought about by the RE associations, educational special interest groups, and lawmakers who get heavy political contributions. Hence, many companies wanting inspectors to inspect properties for $25 for drive-bys, or $199 for full home inspections with termite and radon, or wind mitigation for pennies.

All home inspection laws result in better home sales, more commissions for the RE’s and offices/brokers, and creates better home sale figures and mortgage business, all because the inspectors now do not alarm home buyers by creating cheap, basic, say-nothing reports, all allowed by law, and supported by the other “large home inspection associations”.

It is the fault of the inspectors. There will always be someone willing to do an inspection for next to nothing. It has been like that for at least the last 25 years and will probably be that way until those individuals either realize that it isn’t a growing business model or, they go out of business.

It is very simple to combat. :wink:

Bottom feeders come and go

can i get a coffee pot with it??

It says license is preferred but not required. This seems to be what John has been saying - unlicensed personnel doing these jobs… it’s not a “home inspection”, so anyone can do it. With no license, there’s no required insurance, no requirement for education… really not much overhead since travel is compensated. If someone can do this for $20 each, then the client can be charged less, ensuring a higher volume of calls. Not too bad until one of these “contract” employees steps in the wrong spot and comes through the ceiling…

What most don’t realize is that insurance companies hire people and send them out to verify things. They typically may not do an entire wind mitigation or four point inspection but only one or two details. The insurance company typically pays $15-$20, this is very common. I have spoken with many that have done these inspections. Again, they are usually only verifying one detail i.e roof-to-wall attachment.

This might be the same thing

$900.00 a week to verify one thing? Sign me up!

Honestly most of the pictures take 5-10 min to obtain. This has been going on longer then you and me.

It has nothing to do with you or I.
Read the op.
It is obvious what is happening.
The individual will pay someone $20.00 per inspection, plus gas.
Figure 8 inspections a day ($160.00 and $20.00 in gas).$180.00 a day x 5.
$900.00 a week. Now, imagine you are the original poster and you have 5 people doing these and you are charging $100.00 each inspection for one inspector.
40 inspections a week at $100.00. $4,000.00 -$900.00 = $3,100.00 profit…and I would guess that each inspector will be an independent contractor so no taxes or insurance. Multiply that by 5 and that is a nice tidy sum weekly, monthly, etc.
Of course, you already knew that. :wink:

I think they are for the full wind mit/ 4-point/ roof cert reports… for 15-20$?

In my experience this hasn’t been done by the insurance company but by the individual agents who are missing something in a report or need more info about a particular item and don’t want to go to the house to do it themselves. They pay me out of their own pocket to get the data so then can either quote or write the policy.