Help wanted please!

Hello inspectors, I have a couple questions.

  1. I’m new to filling out wind mitigation reports and 4 Points, would anybody be willing to share me an example of how they do the 4 point report and also wind mitigation (pictures included would be even better)? My email is this would be much appreciated.

  2. Also, currently using Palmtech but looking to switch to either Spectora or Home Inspector Pro. I understand Spectora is pricey compared to HIP but if anyone has any experience with either that would also be appreciated.

Please helpful advice only. Mainly concerned over question 1. Thank you guys in advance!

Question 1 of what form?
Have you taken the NACHI Wind Mit course?
If not! Then do so.

Question 1 in the forum I posted, Yes, I’ve taken wind mitigation course

Check your email . I sent you a completed 4 Point report.
In addition, I use HIP…The best out there for professional inspection reports.

Thank you, Roy, is the form included in the HIP app? I noticed it is all together as one.

It the Tower Hill form with my letter head…
I use what insurance company’s are use to seeing.
And I have never had a problem.