Help. We're going to create a _____ Inspector of the Year award for the industry.

They will be available for every county, city, state, and province in North America. Examples: “2016 Pittsburgh Inspector of the Year” or “2016 Ontario Inspector of the Year” or “2016 Jackson County, Florida Inspector of the Year.”

What criteria would you use to give an inspector such an award? Any thoughts?

Before all else I would want someone who shows respect for the industry and promotes the profession by being an example of what an ethical and competent inspector should be. Someone who makes other people want to be an inspector.

I think this above technical knowledge.

Good post.

That does it then, we’re buying a trophy/award company. I can see we’re going to be needing thousands.

Gerry Beaumont…
Loved him…
Hated him…
and miss him greatly…
Gerry contributed and provided so much in the early days of this Organization.

I don’t like to toot my own horn… But I am the New York Inspector of the Year

Put me down for Fox Virginia (population 1).

I second that nomination! :wink:

I’ll take Cleveland, Ohio

How would such an award be determined?
Who would decide/vote/grant the award?

I would avoid shipping out a bunch of trophies and just issue a certificate.
This award would be useful mostly for local marketing.
Trophies just gather dust.

Look! I’m sorry !
But, I will never inspect anything that I can’t inspect as if I’m the one buying it…Hell NO!
I’ve often told the power that be that while I’m inspecting … This is my place and…Like it or lump it. I’ll leave if they feel otherwise.
I’m sorry if others disagree.
It just isn’t in my heart to do otherwise. I just can’t do it! Nope! It just ain’t in me.
This isn’t a line of crap …I couldn’t sleep at night if I did otherwise.
Be it a simple home inspection to a multi million dollar commercial inspection.
Integrity is the fundamental key to sleeping at night and success.
I don’t want any type of award for doing what I know is “required for my client”.
I don’t need it or want it.
Your client has to be forefront in your inspection.
I have done probably many thousand of inspection , and I have never deviated from the cardanl rule…
Your client ALWAYS come first… That is what they pay you good money to do…Yes?
I’ll never change…Nope!.Never!
No award need on my part for doing what we are supposed to do.
Nor, do I need the money!
I am truly sorry if others disagree…
Come and meet me and you will know who I am.

Roy Lewis
1st Pro Inspection

I nominate Roy Lewis for High Springs Florida Inspector of the year. Take a bow Roy, you’ve earned it!

I’ll second that!

You will need a patch and logo for that also.

I like the sound of “David Hays, Colorado Inspector of the Year” OR “David Hays, Denver Inspector of the Year”.

I’ll take San Diego. Or Bonsall.

This type of bogus marketing award only waters down any real awards that were earned. Why the need to use puffery and lie to the public? :roll:

Because all the new Logo ideas are now taken? ](*,)

Now that is funny!:stuck_out_tongue:

I couldn’t have said it better. Same with the new home inspector Hall of Fame thingy.

Like I asked, suggest some criteria that you would accept.

We’re doing it one way or the other (you know me)… so you might as well help us do it right.