Hot PIC: Personalized CMI Plaque made for Paul Lesieur, CMI

Congratulations on your plaque! :mrgreen:

Congrats Paul.

It will ship to you on Monday.

As soon as you get it, use it to generate more inspection work by doing what is advised on page 15-16 of

Thanks, nice looking plaque.

I am asking the mayor of my city if he will take a picture with me and the plaque. I am on the planning commission so who knows.
Might say no, might say yes.

That would be a killer PIC!

Worth a try. Mayor and I went kayaking once so were good friends. But politics can be strange. I want to show him the plaque first.

Also maybe in the North Oaks newspaper. Who knows? I volunteer so I am considered one of the good guys.

Congrats Paul. That is a fantastic idea!!! I’m calling the Mayor tomorrow. He gives me referrals and allows me to use him as a reference. I know he will do it! I ran into him at Costco the other day we talked for 20 minutes.

That would be cool. Worth a try.