Unfamiliar wire connection in dist panel

Howdy all,

Can anyone identify this wire connection located within the distribution panel? I can’t quite make out what it says to look it up. And if it is approved for use within a residential highrise condo unit? Highrise (20th floor) 1 bedroom condo, built 2007.

Thanks a bunch!



Looks OK to me

Thanks Roy. I’d seen these types for 12 volt applications just not 110.

it is called a “wago” connector. Several companies produce them at this point.
It is fine.

Good up to 600 volts.

Thank you very much!

Wago is a brand name. The proper name is a push–in wire connector. They splice wires the same as a wire nut, but use a different method to hold the wires together.

Connectors are not rated just for highrise or residential use.

Fair, but I think we hit 110 electricians on the payroll today and they all call them wago’s. I struggle to push the trade slang out of my head sometimes. Knowing pricing I would bet that most of them have never used a real WAGO and likely only ever used the Ideal version.