Tips for passing Florida Home inspectors text

Hey everyone, I’ve finished my 120 hr course and have been using the NACHI flash cards and practice test to help me prep for the exam. Are were these good resources for those who have passed the Florida exam or should I be doing something else? Also any tips or hints at what the test is like? Thanks

Hey, welcome to our forum, Christopher!..Enjoy! :smile:

I am nor from FL but someone local will be long to help you.

In the mean time, I take this test and when you consistently score in the 90s, you’ll be good to go…IMHO.


Have you heard the analogy how do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice practice and more practice. If you were with me as many ride-alongs have been in the past I would push your ass so hard. You would pass it with flying colors. Practice practice practice.
Don’t be afraid of failure. Cuz most people fail their way to success.
If you fail the first time keep at it.
This I assure you is the key to success.


Glad you asked, I’m in the same boat!

…same advice for you, Leif. :smile:

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Thank you Larry and Roy! That’s what I’ve been doing, practice, practice and more study.

C’mon Christopher, we got this!

Remember this. Promise me you will. There’s nothing wrong with failure the only failure you have it’s what you accept as the truth. Never accept failure as truth. Only as a learning experience. Have a question for you? Have you been studying and how long
Lot of times you can analyze until you’re paralyzed. Don’t get into that. Go take the flippen test. It will be a learning experience for you. And then you will know what to expect. And most likely you will pass the test. The new inspectors that Have rode with me several times. And haven’t taken the test. I demand that they take it. And I tell them. They better pass it in the 90s. And they all have. If you ever need me give you support or afterwards after you pass the test. I will be here for you. This I promise you. Now answer my question. If you prefer. Call me I’ll be waiting for your call.


Roy you are a good man, I wish everybody had your generosity. :+1: :grinning:

Inspector Bridges.
In my 40-plus years of doing this .
I’ve seen some crazy dumbass crap…
And truly the only way that we can make great inspectors. Is from riding with one. I’m retired. However, my goal is to instruct and put them through hell. To become great inspectors.
You’ve never call me brother. If you knew me. You would know that what I say is true.
There’s no way . at all that someone can learn this trade. Without someone that will selfishly
Instruct others how to do it properly. And it’s flipping easy.
Excuse the typos I’m on my phone

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I once worked with a builder with your attitude, and everything he taught me is still with me, I now appreciate his hard-ass approach.

Thank you sir.
We’re building five houses in Gainesville and surrounding counties right now. And I have to say I am a hard-ass. It’s what it takes to get the job done.
And you know something inspector Bridges. They respect me.

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Nice chatting with you sir, Have a good evening.

Inspector Bridges.
You’ve only been with us a short while on the board. But you do give concise and honest answers to the questions that are presented to you. That I admire you for.

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Thank you, Roy, And I respect you.

You are what this board is all about. If you ever need me for any reason sir please give me a call.
The only reason that I’m here this late tonight. Is because they were going to give my wife of 54 years a triple bypass in her my babies heart. However, the good Lord found it otherwise.
She had two stents put in. And she is in wonderful condition right now.
I truly want you to keep posting what you do. You are an asset to all of us. Which is very rare. Call me if you need me. My phone is on my hip 24/7

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First of all, I want to thank you for being so kind and offering your help. That is very nice of you.
Thankfully Your Wife didn’t need the bypass surgery and is doing well with the two stents. You must be very tired for sure! Best wishes for your wife to have a speedy recovery. Rest well tonight.
thank you again, SAB

Thank you.

Good morning Mr. Lewis! I am thankful that your wife is well!

Thank you very much for the encouragement! Those are wise words.

Edit: I promise you, I won’t give up!

Glad to hear she is doing well Mr. Lewis!!!

The new guys about to take the test take 120 internachi courses until you ace them, then schedule your your proctored exam, don’t forget your fingerprints and background check.

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What helped me was going through the Nachi exam several times until I was getting constant 90s. I also went through all the courses I needed more help in. Once I scheduled my exam I’m not going to lie there were some questions in there that I had never even gone through. For example I’m not sure if it was just my exam but there was A LOT on there about contracts and ethics. Honestly I hadn’t even gone through those courses but a lot of it is common sense so I did fine. I ended up getting a 92 I believe. But remember you have to get at least 50% on each individual section so just make sure you feel comfortable with everything. Also remember to go through WDO I had a few question on it but the questions I had were literally right out of the Nachi course so since I had gone through the course it was fine.

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