Police Called During Inspection

Yesterday, the seller decided the inspection was going too long and called the police. That was a first.

It was a townhome and unbeknownst to us (agent and buyers), the seller (a young woman with a baby) was wandering the parking lot during the inspection. At the one hour mark, she called the police. She told them that she thought there was a burglary going on. The cops were cool, but the buyer’s agent went ballistic. The woman was standing behind the cops and the agent absolutely blistered her. We don’t know what the cops told her out of our earshot. She was still wandering the parking lot when we left an hour later.


No listing agent? she thought you guys were being held hostage :sunglasses:

People today lack common sense and communication skills.


That’s hilarious. The last time the cops were called at an HI I called them. The house was supposed to be vacant but there were squatters and the meter was turned upside down. Took three months to get rid of the squatters. Seems they had a phony lease and all. Owner was out of state and knew nothing about it.


Many years ago, during the HUD years, I found a homeless guy in a house. He was sleeping on a bedroll surrounded by cheap wine bottles. I woke him up and told him that the house was sold and he had to move. He said “Thanks, man” and collected his stuff (minus bottles) and left.


With me it was the sellers agent. Police came. Agent lied. I explained my position. Told the police not to get involved unless they know the law.
I left because I was finished.

Were you wearing a mask? :rofl: Good practice to take off your mask when approached by the constabulary.

So you do not believe they teach LEO basic law in your area or are you saying they only hire Monkeys that carry guns?


Does not mean they interpreted it properly.

Where did i say that? The officers parroted some nonsense spouted by the realtor. The OACIQ has jurisdiction in that field.
You do know I am the inspector the got inspection limits raised to 1.5 hours in condo’s and up to 4 hours in Homes in my neck of the woods?

You said it above in your post and I just asked a question.

Try spelling stuff out for us Non Great White Northerners as I have no idea who OACIQ is. Next in an emergency call situation the responding LEO have “jurisdiction” in all sane localities. Is your locality not sane?

Is the Provincial Gubberment that dumb to have forced time limits in the first place??

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Still 2.5-4.0 hours short of your average, eh?!

I once had a client say “what’s this?” and press a panic button about 8 times during the inspection, and the cops showed up.


No, if truth be known, you where being facetious.

As for placing limits on inspections, that would be realtors.

As for the OACIQ, you forgot how to Google? Hm…

What is quite evident to all reading this thread, and that know your, you will never change.

I bet that was hilarious… :crazy_face:

You have no idea if I was facetious or not. Do you now have the powers of Kreskin?

So Y’all in the Great White North allow REA to dictate your business practices? Are you not able to run your own business?

Hmmm do you Google all alphabet soup with no other qualifiers? If so try Googling this YAAMFI! How did that work out for you?

I have no intention of changing nor do I care what you think about my potential for change. If you think so much about yourself that you believe you can change people you may want to review what meds you take.


To get back on track a burglar alarm went off when the realtor opened the door at an inspection I was doing. We heard the chirp chirp chirp warning and then full on old school siren. Police showed up a little later and were perfectly nice. Then after the alarm was supposedly remotely deactivated by the owner the garage door set it off again. Good times…

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I never had the cops show but…I had the fire department show up when I checked the fire alarm. It was going off once I took it off the wall for the date; I called the agent right away but no one could get ahold of the owner. About 5 minutes later the fire department was knocking on the door. :rofl:


Presumably it was hardwired, and you disconnected it to get a better look-see at it? Yup, the sensor/chip/monitoring system assumed a fire “took it out”.

I had a tenant call the police once during an apartment building inspection in a REALLY crappy part of town. He accused us of stealing his cell phone while we were in his unit. Cop arrives, talks to the tenant then comes over to us and laughs that he had actually arrested the tenant a few weeks earlier!

I know how police like to document everyone they talk to, etc. so I offered our information and he just laughed, saying, “No need - I know you guys didn’t take this idiot’s phone.” After going back and talking to the tenant the pointed out a bulge in “idiot’s” pocket that turned out to be the phone we were being accused of stealing. Ah, our tax dollars at work!!


My son is a plumber and he was doing some work in an occupied home. The home owner’s twenty something “child” accused my son of stealing his weed and meth (neither of which are legal in GA). He was going to call the police until his parents interceded. I would have liked to see that one play out.


Lon, It’s not funny. Damn disgraceful. They could at least ask you how long would you be seeing they have another appointment. Respect.

Been dragged out of a home physically by 3 buyers agents and thrown into my truck along worth >< S10,0000 worth of tools literary manhandled as they all laughed after 45 minutes and went to my client saying we will meet you at the restaurant up the road…

Been Spat at.

Been Threatened physical harm where I interjected I would call the police.

Its unprofessional. Dam disgraceful.

PS: Sorry for putting my 2 cents in previous posts. I beg your pardon.