Here is one for you all

Did this inspection , hardly any load on the panel . because of conditons of the home at the time. glad i checked it. main breaker 400.00 to buy
It had to be ordered. No it wasn’t FPE panel but guess what they have a problem Panel is from 1977


Clamp on wire loose

No thats what i thought at first ,loose inside the breaker Roy

Could you feel the heat on the breaker with your hand?

Close up really didn’t need the thermal , How ever it was not that hot because no load . the discolor was what twig me


That’s what I thought.

But the IR makes a nice pic.:smiley:

No Micheal , Wasn’t much heat for the lack of load and location it was 98 out that day
It was loose Don’t ask how i knew lol . Done this before but i will recommend everyone to do what i do .

Yes thermal brings the Hollywood factor in to it but also gives the client a better understanding

Wayne, from your last pic, it looks like loose outside the breaker…

I wouldn’t do that it is not required. I am only required to look at the panel. This type of crap will get you sued!

I thought that too , How ever the sparky tried to tighten it that when is was discovered the problem was inside.

Yeah i know, i can just hear it now, you did What! you know it has been there sense 1977 with no problem why would you even look or check lol. Btw i had to move stuff from the area to do it safely . :wink:

What is wrong with you?

Show us without the PIP. It screws up the image. Better with straight IR and visible light side by side so that we can see more of the conductor under unadulterated IR. What was the load on the left side feeder? What was the load on the right side feeder? What was the apparent temperature difference between them? How much temperature difference did you see in the left side feeder as you move further from the connection?

If you do’t know the answer to these questions, you don’t know what you saw.

Chuck load was only 35 amps, i could not load the panel Home was full to the roof with belongings and was not about to risk turning a whole lot on . IIf you look at the second picture i posted you would see the discoloring , there was no need for the thermal i did just to show. I physical moved the lug so I KNOW there was a problem . Seems the electrician figure the same as you that i had no idea , How ever a call later confirmed my findings. BTW i worked on switch gear and Commercial Panels for many years . The lug was Loose inside the Main. BTW i was not there to analyzed the problem for the panel i was trying to do a inspection .


I don’t think you are showing proper respect for a Level III.

Now bow down, kiss his ring and thank him for is oh so kinda and graciously given instructions. :sarcasm:

Loads were pretty even actually left side a tad higher, As far as level 3 bowing not happening lol. you should know better than that Micheal lol. I know what i found and used the thermal as a example , Now if i was doing a thermal inspection i would not use pip .

I don’t think Chuck was throwing anyone under the bus. I think he is making points, maybe not directly at Wayne, but giving information to those who maybe reading this thread.

Maybe he is trying to get his point across that it is not just a point and shoot and many other parameters must be take into consideration before making an educated determination as to what is occurring.

Unlike you Mikey, I like these posts, it brings to light what we don’t know. But for those like you who know everything, I see why you get offended and defensive so easily.


Chuck’s post was as arrogant as yours. no wonder you liked it.

It wasn’t that his information was bad, it was the way he delivered it and injected himself into the thread and try to call into question what Wayne reported.

What is wrong with a noted professional that has an awesome reputation and being an authority on an issue, interjecting information that could have helped Wayne. Waybe is a big boy and can stand up for himself.

What if Wayne wasn’t as professional as he is, maybe he could have taken some constructive critisism an maybe learned something. I learned something from Chucks’s post that I never would have thought of doing.

So although you take offense to the post, I learned from it. As I said before, I take information/facts and come to a conclusion. You come to a conclusion and then seek out facts that justify your conclusion.

Sad sad sad…but as Mr. Sunshine I expect no less. Keep up the good work!

Chuck once again thanks for the post, as always very enlightening. Wayne I hope you took no offense because I honestly think Chuck meant no personal attack, just want you and ALL OTHER readers to realize there is alot more to this defect then just point shoot and call out the army!