Here it is! The interview with Joe Farsetta!

Nick I am very disappointed in the presentation after the big spin you put on this. You said Joe was going to name names. Next time you want something directed let me know I will put you in contact with professional film people they can even make Joe look good. They can do wonders with hair pieces and make up! :wink: But honestly Nick I really think your concept of these videos is a good idea!

Well done Joe. :slight_smile:

An honest discussion of issues affecting HIs and some strategies for managing risk.

Look forward to even more of this type of education.

In this single conversation between Nick and Joe, there is more conventional home inspection wisdom being communicated than you will find in 500 threads on any message board.

Good job Joe and Nick.

Joe needs to be a regular guest.

Thanks guys! I’ve invited Joe to come back every month. Also, if any of you would like to do a show on any inspection-related subject please allow me to fly you here. While here, we’ll shoot a commercial for you that you can use to promote your inspection business.

How about doing a spot on the value of the C.M.I. Nick? It would make an interesting, informative and constructive feature.

I try not to be too promotional. Our show fan base continues to grow at a slow but steady pace and I want everyone who watches each episode to say “wow… I can’t wait for the next one.” As long as I keep existing viewers while adding new ones, it will get more and more popular.

Mr. Farsetta,
I just saw your interview and I would like to say that I found it to be informative and worth watching.

When it came to mentioning Canadian Inspectors I want to thank you for your kind words and for keeping your comments in “perspective.”
In my opinion that was the sign of a true gentleman.

We have approximately 500 Canadian inspectors and 300 in Ontario alone. We ALL appreciate your passing up the chance of taking any cheap shots.
It was good to get a “visual” of who you are and it certainly will help when I read your future posts.

I am sorry that I was ill when you came to Canada and I was unable to attend your seminar but several of my colleagues have told me that it was enjoyable, educational, highly Professional, and well worth the travel time during the storm, and certainly well worth the money. If and when you come back to Canada I look forward to meeting you!

I am sure that you realize that the vast majority of us are Proud to be members of NACHI and that we strive to be professional in all that we do.

Once again, I congratulate you on a nice, professional, and educational interview.:nachi:


Joe has agreed to fly out to Denver in a couple weeks and shoot more shows for us.

Thanks Joe!

Nick Get a good make up and hair person in to help make Joe look good. Also put some dulling spray on his bald head, the lights were creating glare. Make sure you sit him on an apple box he comes across as a very short person figuratively and literally! :slight_smile:

Good call, Nick.

James I think you should fly out and do a spot. The wardrobe department could dress you like Adolf Hitler and the prop department could put u behind an podium with a big Swastika flag behind and let your role go to your head and let the cameras roll.


The wardrobe department could dress you as one of the lillipop kids from the Wizard of Oz… or like Dorothy.

The wicked witch could threaten you and your little dog.

You could claim unfairness, ask to see her by-laws, claim no due process, or just bore her to death.

Unless one of the houses you inspected landed on her:mrgreen:

I can see you lying in your bed, with Roy placing a cool rag on your forehead.

Members of ESOP, along with Blaine and Nick would surround you, or peer in through the open window. You would be saying how you were banished to a terrible place, where you had no followers, and that all you kept saying was how you wanted to go home.

Only this time, Dick, there are no ruby slippers to click three times.

You and Auntie Em should take a hike.

Joe I think your Depends are full again, you have a bad smell to you! :mrgreen:

Hey here is an idea for script, why not get Joe in bed with Nick and then tell James to come up to the room. Then tell James that there is enough room in the bed for all three! Mario could be the fluffer! Action! :mrgreen:

Re: Hot PIC of Miss Paige excercising between takes on the set of NACHI.TV. Post # 18 on the 17th Originally Posted by gromicko John, I probably shouldn’t tell this story to a preacher but it happened in your state when Val, Paige and I were shooting commercials in Texas. Here goes: we had all the camera equipment in the hotel room getting it geared up for the shoot the next day and decided to play a trick on Ben. We all had a few drinks in us. Anyway, Paige and I got under the bed covers and she pulled her shirt down over her shoulders and pulled the sheet up to her chin and I rolled my one pant leg up and let it hang out the other end of the sheet. Then Val called Ben’s room and told him to come over quick, that we were shooting a show. Ben walks in and sees Paige and I in bed with Val holding a camera. Ben’s eyes were huge. Then Val calmly turns to him and says… we’re shooting a movie with Nick and Paige, want to join in? Ben’s mouth dropped open at which point Paige and I couldn’t keep a straight face any longer and jumped out from under the sheets, fully clothed, and laughing. Forward Message

Makes me want to pay to be a part of this org.
Lets see, a married man brags how he gets a female employee drunk, [young enough to be his daughter] in bed and “pretends” to film having sex with her.:roll: :roll: :roll:

I’m a lightweight, so two is my limit.

Anyway, the trick we played on Joe Farsetta was even better. During his shoot, while cameras were rolling, I said “Joe, we have a special guest behind the curtain… Mr. Ray Wand! Come on out Ray!”

Val of course edited that part out.

Actually I wish I had secretly brought Ray in as a surprise guest… it would have made for great NACHI.TV.

I can only imagine when you mentioned my name Joe likely soiled his pants!

I had him I think, but only for a second.

This was our best trick though (which we pulled off at the beginning of this month): :wink:

We got Ben on that one too. He called me and thought it was true.