Thanks to you...

We had lots of great questions and ideas for Joe Tedesco in our electrical video at the NACHI.TV studio. Thank you.

We had a couple days with Joe. We shot over 9 hours of video. We took over 200 digital pictures. We interviewed Joe. We went over inspection tools, electrical components, code and standards, inspection procedures, defect recognition. We inspected 5 electrical panels, a kitchen, two bathrooms, a laundry, a closet, a commerical building. We inspected an electrical panel with over two dozen defects in detail.

We had a great time.

We appreciate your recent suggestions and questions posted by the membership on the message board.

It will be a great show. Very educational. Essential.

Watch out for a new episode on NACHI.TV with Joe Tedesco soon!
joe at 2.jpg

joe at 2.jpg

Many thanks to Joe and all the members who submitted questions to ask him. Picture in post #1 (above) is of Paige putting makeup on Joe :smiley: .

Patriots will win!

Thanks Nick, but if you don’t get this mess fixed soon you might have argue with the tall lady in red and green, and her friends who were getting ready for their show soon at the club.

What did the handyman there say about this?

Maybe Ben can help.

Excellent. I’m looking forward to viewing this particular episode. It should be a learning experience for everyone viewing it.

Joe, How’d it feel to wear make-up for the first time? And many inches of rouge had to be applied to properly hide all those aged lines and spots? Don’t worry, I’m not quite as old as you are and I’ve got em’ too.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Joe just isn’t a make-up kind of guy (I don’t think).

Unless of course, he’s not coming out of the closet.

No makeup was used because Nick was asking me about the ground pin on a cord cap and about the tension tester, beside I thought I had better answer quick before James or Joe post the story about me in drag! That wasn’t me it was John Caloggero and as soon as I find the picture on the server, I will post it. :roll: :roll:

That’s what I remember, Joe.:smiley: It wasn’t you…:cool:

Anyway, I look forward to what you have to offer with the video. :smiley:

We guarantee that everyone will be spellbound and without any lost time. Its fast paced, and Nicks style and humor and my grit show up well, we had fun for sure and Tiny was there, they were fun too.

Ben the main man done all the shooting and could not wait to get started. I am sure he will do a great job and Tiny does the best of all.

I wondered about the way in which we inspected the mock up and although it was a great tool would prefer doing the inspection on-site, we did one it was a Zinsco and found lots of defects.

I am on a roll and can’t wait!

My Chief editor from over on www.ECMweb.comwants me to do a voice over of my Vegas defect show, now that I have some experience I feel comfortable. I will bet that I could make some laugh or cry, but don’t get me mad because I probably will start raising my voice.

Also, I will need a couple of reviewers who could look through the new version of my book soon to be published so that they can help put the words in home inspector language. Any volunteers?