Joe Farsetta gives a bunch of inspection tips you may not know about. Watch now!

Very good Joe. …:slight_smile:

Good show Joe, very informative and a great reminder

Really liked the content of this video,Joe should do more intensive training videos. This way he could offer his insight and experience to a wider audience. Thanks Joe and Nick

I liked the pace of this episode.

Fast and furious and very good.:smiley:

Besides, Joe looks like someone you should pay attention too;-)

It was about 680 degrees in the studio that day. Nick was silently listening from his “work station”, which is an 8’ folding table, strewn with NACHI projects, with his notebook computer on top of the table, on top of a milk crate. Nick literally stands all day, with about 10,000 thngs on his plate. Lisa Endza is usually buried with work in the office. The whole InterNACHI - NACHI.TV operation is really something to watch. To say that NACHI runs lean is an understatement…

Every video segment we shot, Nick yelled “that sounded great”. There was no teleprompter and no script. Just me watching Valerie count down from 5, 4, 3, 2… Nick was encouraging me the whole time. Valerie and Paige were quite patient, and attentive to detail. They are really professional and a genuine pleasure to work with.

As to content, we wanted to keep it quick. The piece is intended to make you think, or make you laugh, entertain, and educate. Even if you disagree with some of what I say, you are at least THINKING. That’s what education is all about.

I want to do one on Level II chimney inspections. I have video tape from these jaunts, which I’d like to share with everyone. I speak briefly in the video about the need to automatically call it out on every report. I’d like to show you all why…

Good job, Joe…although, you looked a bit distracted. I can’t quite put my finger on it…Perhaps it was the room temperature.

I know what it was… you would need to see how Paige and Valerie dress when they know they are going to shoot all day under bright, very hot, studio lights.

Ah…so, as he was speaking to the camera, he had visions of Mrs. Farsetta wearing a “Free Elaina Bobbit” T-Shirt on, waiting for him at the airport…:smiley:

After the Elaina Bobbit incident, Joe got rid of all the sharp knives in his house. Had to carve the Thanksgiving turkey with a butter knife.

There is no way a man can work at the NACHI.TV studios if he has a jealous wife.

Great video!

Either needs a green screen, or Joe needs to wear a white shirt. All I saw were flailing arms and a head floating around. LOL :mrgreen: :stuck_out_tongue:

Chris wrote an article about it

I have found that as a being fairly new inspector that this type of video serves as a tool in which can educate me in new ways to find thing I might miss, Joe has a sucessful buisness and has surived many years and so as a result has much on the job experience we would do well for us to listen too. Knowledge is power…

Simply amazing Joe!!
You were born for this brother! I really liked the format, fast paced and to the point! Great Job!

My wife is not the jealous type, when can I visit NACHI TV?:shock:

Nick & Joe,
I just saw this episode for the 1st time.

I thought that there was some Good & Valuable information and as a matter of fact I am going to send out a Broadcast Newsletter to the members of our our State Chapter with a link so that they can watch it!

Keep up the GOOD WORK! :stuck_out_tongue:


Great show, something like this is a great reminder to all of us. Keep up the good work.