We just landed a worldwide exclusive interview!!! Joe tells all and names names!


Uh oh.

Is that the same gentleman that is on “The Sopranos”?

What is the interview about?

"names names"
:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :twisted: :twisted:

Wand Raymond, Roy Cooke, dharris, and someone else!!!

It’s not pretty.

A lot here recently has not been pretty, Nick!

Release date?

Val says Tuesday of next week.

This was the weirdest shoot ever… only 2 takes total. Won’t be hard to get the editing done.

Smooth as silk.

Great studio. Professional staff.

NACHI.TV was quite impressive.

Cant wait for the next one.

But, for a minute, I almost thought Nick was going to throw me a curve, and have a special guest emerge from behind the curtain.:roll:

It might have turned from NACHI.TV to UFC.:wink:

I told Joe during the show that we had a special guest waiting back stage… Ray Wand. :wink:

interesting, for those of us who honestly do not know, (maybe I have skipped the threads involving nachi politics), what is Joe’s association with nachi and what qualifications does he have to be presented in such a dramatic manner?

I already know he sells/teaches commercial inspection classes.

He has many of his advanced courses approved by states for continuing education purposes, he heads up professional development at InterNACHI, he’s working on a fast track system for CMI, and he operates the ADRS service.

And… I am a nice guy (at least some folks think so :wink: )

So, you are adding “Stupid Pet Tricks” to NACHI-TV?


Ok, I agree, It better be a good show now :wink:

Thanks James, I was wondering how long it would take you to say something relating to my name. Rest assured if I am the Pet Trick, you are the janitor following with the stable broom and shovel and bucket! :mrgreen: How befitting for you to be shoveling the merde once more, you and merde have a natural affinity for one another! :mrgreen:

Honestly Ray… other than my little joke on Joe saying that you were back stage (which will be edited out), you weren’t mentioned.

That leads me to a request Ray… I’ll pay you and Joe to fly here and do a show together. Yes?

Joe wants combat pay for that episode.

:shock: :shock: I am a “Nice Guy”:shock: :shock:

I thought that you were on the ESOP committee?:oops:

That IMMEDIATELY disqualifies you from the “Nice Guy Committee”#-o:lol: :-({|= ](*,)