Basement drainage TIPS, some of the most incompetent comments 'n claims

they don’t know what the hlll their yapping about and yet over 500,000 views

5:00 mark unreal, moron with a stOOPid level, so i guess on every leaky basement estimate i go on, i should take a stOOPid level with me and then recommend what this guy does huh and then post video and get 500,000 hits with many saying, ‘Oh great job’ etc, total crock of friggin sht. DUMB

5:10 ‘When people dig down and they coat their walls and seal cracks and then they still have negative slope = waste of time’

5:30 ‘Sealing the basement wall is a WASTE of money’

UN------------------------------freakin BA—lievable, you sir are a dumb az on this subject, TOTAL

There are at least 2 ext cracks in wall and the basement windows may be allowing some water in basement as well, replace the stOOpid B windows INSTEAD of putting in those DUMB az window wells!


Did this guy ever think of doing a water test with a hose against the basement wall (s) where homeowner supposedly leaks? And do a water test w/hose against B windows? NO.

You need to have the experience to correctly identify, determine why many basements actually leak, dip-brain and you obviously do not have it and instead do videos that SPREAD sht aka bogus, moronic lies = stOOPid lolol, it;s friggin stUUUUpid man!

HERE sht 4 brains, homeowner is out $16,000 because another MORON told him they would fix his leasky basement by pouring concrete walkway and patio UP against the house/bricks and install an exterior french drain (drain tile) around the stoopid house, again all for the low low price of $16,000… did it work?
Did this GARBAGE and incompetent assessment (Blllsht actually) DIVERT the water AWAY from the actual dang problems??? NO!!!

Listen to lady, 'cost $16,000, see the RAISED concrete aka, " positive grade "

:25 mark WINDOW WELL under concrete!!! hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

And here we are digging it out and exposing the ACTUAL problems as to why the stinky az basement leaks!

and the cost to FIX THE PROBLEMS was sustantially less!!

Negative grade, positive grade, pfffftttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

dumb stupid moronic weak chumps on THIS subject, ALL over the USA and so yeah, dang skippy man, i will take a dump on those who spread lies, are incompetent chumps and who scam people

for the water MANAGEMENT people lol, the ‘you need a positive grade away from your house’ peeps, pftttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt !

Concrete is a, ummm, HARD surface right so the new concrete here in following 2 videos is BETTER than when YOU add soil and raise n slope the dumb grade, in other words, it SHEDS, diverts MORE surface water away!!! So why then did this and many other basements leak after getting new concrete (duh better pitch with new slabs) AND they tarred all along house-driveway perimeter!!!

cutting the concrete…

even the concrete contractor told senior homeowners the NEW concrete would solve leaky basement lol yeah sure okay

See what was OPEN below the concrete and just below or abut to the new concrete and tar

stop with the incompetent, negligent erroneous claims that grading and all those other wiener brain ideas solve all-most leaky basements, NO.

say for the nth time, you need to get your leaky basement correctly identified BEFORE you spend a lousy dime and sometimes that means running a water test with a hose, like it or not.

Stupid lies, myths pizz me off bceause they screw over many homeowners

Was THIS grade high enough n sloped away enough for ya?

Next 3 photos is WHY the basement leaked! It was not because of poor, an improper grade… TOTAL weak az nonsense!!!


Yeah another seller who cheated the buyer, yep!

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