Hey Florida Guys

This might be a good place to post your specialties and where you work so we know who does what and can throw each other work whenever possible.

I specialize is Stucco, Wirelath and Decorative Foam and I can also normally provide painting estimates if the job is big enough and my guys number is still the same :slight_smile:

I prefer whole Stucco projects but will bid smaller jobs and single homes if the conditions are right.

I also own a pest control firm specializing in termite inspections & control since 1980.
State Licensed/Certified Termite, General Household Pest, Lawn & Ornamental Operator #2446.

Service area Broward, Palm Beach counties. :smiley:

I own Andrew Barton Handyman Service I work in North Port, Venice, Sarasota, and the surrounding areas. I perform tile installations, kitchen and bath remodels, light framing, drywall, siding, and paving. My website is www.ABartonRemodeling.com there is a link to the company facebook page on the website. I worked as a General Contractor in New York for over 24 years. I have extensive roofing, electrical, and plumbing experience as well but my license does not cover it. I will probably be going for my CRC soon if the work keeps piling up the way it has been. Booked 11 months out right now.

While going for the CRC license is commendable, you are advertising work that requires current specialty licenses in Florida. You can’t even hang drywall or set tile without a license. Good luck with that… :shock:

I’m an inspector, paid to dig.
The only state license I found is for home inspector just issued 2 months ago. No other contractor’s licenses.

I personally have an issue with the posting of INachi Certified Wood Destroying Organism Inspector logo on the website, being a state licensed termite contractor.
That’s holding yourself out to the public you are licensed.

Hey Brad look up what a handyman can and can not do in Sarasota county before you speak out of turn. Everything I advertise is allowed by Sarasota as a handyman. But thanks for the wishes.

I never claimed to have a Florida CRC I said I was probably going to be going for it in the next 6 months or so. Every service I perform is allowed in Sarasota with a handyman business license. I was a GC in New York for over 24 years and attended SCF for my degree in Construction Management. I had one complaint to DBPR which was immediately dropped. I took the InterNachi WDO course and passed which allows me to use the logo. Does any one else wish to stick their nose where it does not belong.

While that may be true, please be very careful about how you advertise any WDO certifications, training, or similar offerings, unless you’re a card carrying CPO.

Florida DACS doesn’t play games when it comes to WDO misrepresentations.


The state office of entomology & enforcement would tell you, you cannot hold yourself out like that without having a LICENSE and fine you along with a cease & desist letter.

They would not get involved unless someone made a complaint that your site does infer you are licensed.
INachi cert is fine, they allow you to use the logo, but not in a manner that violates the law.

I for one wish you luck & would never make the complaint to a fellow member.
I also do not care if you were a NY licensed GC for 240 years. You’re in Florida now.

Absolutely correct Dom!
I’ve been a licensed PCO since 1978.
DACS can be REAL bitches with stuff like this & take it VERY seriously.
My issue is we all work very hard to obtain licenses we legally possess. I personally belong in this type of issue.

Don’t take this the wrong way, but as a point of clarification:

Well, since you offered, the Sarasota County web site lists the following as the only work a handyman can legally perform:

They don’t list kitchen and bath remodels, light framing, drywall, siding or paving. Some of those specialties are clearly needing contractor licenses.

Not busting your chops, but thought you’d like to know. I didn’t look at your web site, so I don’t know what services you actually offer, only what you posted here on the board.

From their site:


I believe I did speak “in turn”. My state license requires me to expose unlicensed activity when I see it. Handymen are the worst offenders and not taken lightly by AHJ.

According to the print out I received from Sarasota when I obtained my Occupational Lic. a handyman can perform the following. Sheetrock, cabinet installation, tile, carpet, siding, paving, awning installation, painting, pressure washing, and non-structural framing. A handyman cannot perform plumbing, electrical, wall or partition removal, roofing, or any work requiring a permit. In other words as long as I do not touch the plumbing or electric I can perform kitchen and bath remodels. If the plumbing has to be moved I have to call in a plumber and he has to pull permits. As far as the WDO I was unaware that there was a special license for that. I will be removing it from the website. I always make every effort to do what I do legally. That is why I do not even work in my own county. They do not allow a handyman to perform any of these services.

Please by all means report me I guarantee it will will be dismissed as quickly as the last one. I do not perform any services that I am not allowed to. I do not work in Charlotte, Lee, Collier, or Dade counties because they do not allow the work I perform with a handyman license. If a job is beyond the scope of what I am allowed to do I turn it down or I offer to perform the services I am allowed after the other work is done. I work with plumbers, electricians, roofers, and contractors for this very reason. I also carry $1,000,000 $2,000,000 worth of insurance to cover my clients in the event of any issues. But again I invite you to please report me.

Thanks for your consideration about the WDO thing Andrew :).
It’s nice to know, since I & other PCO’s work very hard to obtain & maintain the license.
Most of us own pest control firms, as I own a termite specialty one.

As far as the “handyman” stuff, I was under the impression you need a STATE
license to perform remodeling, because it requires a permit.
I inspect many properties that are “flipped” and always see a permit for kitchen/bath remodels.

Again, I would never make a complaint on a INahci member.
I also do not think it is in your best interest to challenge anyone to “report” you.
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I was not aware of the required lic. to perform WDO inspections. I will be removing that from the website. Based on the ammount of WDO questions on the state exam I was under the impression that the nachi course was accepted for ancillary inspections. I was mistaken. The statement about the 24 years as a GC was not directed at you. That was for the people on here who assume that a handyman has no experience

It depends on the AHJ. Sarasota allows all of the services I perform. I do not take on any jobs requiring a permit. As long as I do not touch any of the plumbing I can disconnect and reconnect fixtures. The remodeling I perform is only within the scope of a handyman. I stick strictly to what the rules I obtained from Sarasota allow.

If you hold a contractors license it is your obligation to report unlicensed activity, InterNACHI member or not

note: The OP has removed his posts here.
He also called me on the phone to let me know he intends to do the right thing about licensing/advertising.
He was very nice & seems like an honest fellow.

100% correct