Hey Gerry B (Manuf Home ?)

Is this the “norm” for a manufactured home installation?

This appliance connector was used to join the gas line between two halves of a “double-wide.”

Normally, I see CSST (on newer installations) or a rigid connection. This is only the second time I’ve seen an appliance connector used, but it got me wondering. Does HUD allow this? The CA codes do not.


Hi Jeff,

I don’t like it either, but I know of at least one MH builder who ships ther double wides with this type of connection. Given that the units pass 3rd party inspection prior to shipping one has to assume that as the HUD inspectors are accepting this conector they must be approving of it for this application.



I’ve seen it at the marriage (midspan) line for crossover connection also.

That is the norm for most manufactured home installations to connect the gas line at the mate line/marriage line.