Hey Inspection Depot

No Carbon Monoxide detectors for sale ?

Here you go! One of our #1 sellers: http://www.inspectoroutlet.com/extech-EZ40.aspx

That is a gas detector…meant C/O detector.
Came here to order first but not listed.

Ended up ordering from Plumberstock.

P.S sorry for the typo …meant outlet not depot.

It does CO as well, just check the data sheet. I should have specified that. I can also get you any of these from Extech that you want: http://www.extech.com/instruments/categories.asp?catid=7

Glad you got one though. Got a recommendation for one that I should carry at Inspector Outlet? I’ll get it in stock right away.

Yes UEI CO71A Carbon Monoxide Detector

Harbor Freight sells it for over $300 and the place near me retail has it for $244 however Plumberstock charged me $160 with $16 for 2 day shipping.

The old model was CO71 however the “A” model includes a self test.

Do not use them much but when you need one it has to be there.

Anything that can register at least 10ppm is fine if dependable.

My Tiff 8800 gas detector is 10 years old and never even changed the filter but sensitive as heck. tick/tick.

P.S the one you listed by Exotech says following…

Natural Gas, Methane, Ethane, Propane, Butane, Acetone, Alcohol,
Ammonia, Gasoline, Jet Fuel, Hydrogen Sulfide, Smoke, Industrial
Solvents, Lacquer Thinner, Naphtha,
**Carbon Monoxide (indication only, not to quantify), **

NO: indication of ppm sensitivity so would not bet my life on it for that use unless you have more detailed info on it.

Thanks for the heads up! I’ve got the Extech CO10 on the website now: http://www.inspectoroutlet.com/extech-co10.aspx

Not in stock yet, but placing an order with Extech tomorrow. I’ll look into the other ones you’ve listed. Much appreciated for the help! I’m always learning.

shoot me an email when they come in. I need one too.

They’re in: https://www.nachi.org/forum/f32/international-association-certified-home-inspectors-member-discount-extech-co10-carbon-monoxide-co-meter-108040/