Hey Nick.. I need your help

Received your quarterly rag yesterday with a letter with heading
"Pack your calender with inspection jobs!
Then it goes on to listing 22 different inspections, with the claim that inacho is generating tens of thousands of inspection jobs in Arizona.
Can you provide some documentation of these claims???
Unfortunately after talking to the very few of your local members that are still in business here are denying these claims.
I even had some of your members tell me they haven’t gotten a lead from inacho in years, then ask about joining my org and ask me how many leads do I get from my org.

Could it be those son of the guns don’t want to share the tens of thousands of jobs with me??? :shock: :shock:
I really would like to “Do yourself and your family a big favor” …by joining inacho. just need a little proof before I make the investment.

Another quick question… What does it mean when you say… Did you know that when you join inacho that you gt listed for free, forever, :roll: on all your great sites listed] and over 4000 other Arizona sites??

Amazing… I talk to ASHI members all the time who are very happy to join
InterNACHI after they compare the two. I guess if you show the negative
and I show the positive, then that may explain the difference.

Pigpen had a hard time keeping anything clean when he got around it too.
Ask someone to read the comic strip to you sometime… :slight_smile: LOL.


Dan writes:

Are you sure you’re an investor? $289 for www.nachi.org/success.htm

Do you need the proof in Braille?

Anyway, success is all about synergy. Every competitive advantage that we deliver to your InterNACHI competitors leads to less inspections for non-members. It all keeps adding up.

P.S. Membership benefits keep being released faster than we can print the paper… did you see this from last night: http://www.nachi.org/wallsandpierscoursereleased2008.htm ?

Just trying to get the facts on the letter you sent me.:wink: :wink:

I have enough proof to make me question if your claims are valid.

Last one reveling one of your elitist, the one that claims to have taught 100s of inspectors how to inspect a home has been sued 3 times:roll: :roll: , and then see that he cannot determine what ficidual duty he has to his customer, makes me wonder what the qualificiations are of people you have offering , providing information on all your free education…:twisted: :twisted:

Oh well kinda of a moot point, with this reddie comment I guess someone doesn’t want to share the 10s of thousands inspections with me that you generate in AZ alone…
You are gnat on a donkey’s ***. Go away. :shock: :shock: :shock: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Guess I’ll just wait till you have the 100s of thousands of boxes in front of all Realtors offices across the world, wait till you get that printing press up and start delivering the free brochures, the one that I’m realllly reallllly interested in is a ride in your nacho nascar stock car.:smiley: :smiley:

Hi Dannie.It must be hot in those attics. Drink plenty of ASHI kool-aid

Dan, Where is this “NASCAR” thing you keep talking about. We’ve done 2 vehicles that I know of. One was a stock car that we wrapped with our logo and entered into a race (it lost) and one was an inspection vehicle that we built ourselves, plastered with vendor sponsorships, and took to last year’s ITA show.

I don’t know of any NASCAR car that you are talking about.

Anyway, out of all the thousands of things we do www.nachi.org/whats_new.htm (many of which were doubted by some)… I take it as a compliment that you point out something we never promised to do. I don’t even like NASCAR.

We’ve heard from all these naysayers for years and now they all suffer from “foot in mouth” disease.

“You can’t create the world’s largest inspection trade association, ASHI will never play second fiddle to you.” “You can’t create free online education, too difficult.” “You can’t control millions of webpages, that’s silly.” “You can’t create a 500,000 post message board for this small inspection industry, you won’t even smell your 100th post.” “You can’t build a 230,000 page website, do you have any idea how big 230,00 pages is? It’s like the Library of Congress!” “You can’t get 260 million hits a year.” “You can’t get online education approved for state CE purposes. States won’t go for it.” “You can’t get Certified Master Inspector registered as a Federal Certification Mark. The US Patent and Trademark office will turn you down.” “You can’t form your own indoor air quality association.” “Too many membership requirements? No one will join.” “You can’t get InterNACHI’s search engines on the back of every mold and radon kit in N. America. 50,000 retail outlets? Dream on Nick.” “You can’t go international with an inspector trade association. 43 countries? Never.” “You can’t succeed in Canada, Canadian’s hate Yankees.” “A chapter in Sudan? Those people don’t do inspections.” “Write your own commercial Standards of Practice and all the documents a commercial inspector would possibly need? What are you high?” “All those membership benefits for $289? Do the math dummy.” “Sellers don’t hire inspectors, dump this MoveInCertified.com idea, no one will use it.” “A free report upload system. Do you have any idea how many servers you need to handle all those reports with all those pictures? You obviously know nothing of IT.” “Free insurance? Yeah, right.” “Video courses? What’s next, 3D holigrams? You’re killin’ me!” “No one will buy IR cameras in our industry, don’t waste your time.” “An online, electronic, signable agreement system? How much is that going to cost us per use?” “You want to what? Start your own TV show online so that anyone can watch any episode any time from any where? What the heck are you smokin’ over in Colorado? You can’t just build a studio and start your own TV show like you’re Jay freakin’ Leno. You are so stupid Nick. A TV show for the inspection industry? I’m laughing so hard I’m wetting my pants. Never happen, and you can quote me on that.”

Your totally avoiding my question.:twisted: :twisted:
With every reply your sounding more and more like obamma:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
All the bragging, or promises you claim to be doing has nothing to do with, nor is it mentioned on the letter you sent me…


Give it a rest and move on…

Hey Dan;
Doesn’t a succesful home inspector, like yourself, have better things to do than throw barbs at Gromiko and I-Nachi every day?

Or does this just mean your not so successful, and have alot of idle time, with nothing better to do?

I mean nothing personal, but I am just trying to figure out what makes Dan Harris tick?

It appears that most of the posts are driven by anger, resentment, or jealousy. And what is the end goal of the posts? Who has a clue? I sure can’t figure it out.


Myself …I am busy full time.:smiley:
After receiving my get rich letter from Nick,** I figured if there are an additional** 10s of thousands inspections to be had in AZ alone, why not hire a few inspectors to get a piece of the action…;-):wink:


Everyday I am reminded why I joined INACHI and not the others. This is just one more example.

Surround yourself with good people and you will succeed.

Hey anonymous…thanks for the red:roll:

Can I fight over here for freedom of speach for everyone but dharris? I will do that for you.

Nick, I am a former race car driver. If you need one, call me.

I can see it now…the #17 INACHI Ford Fusion wins the 2009 Daytona 500!! Now that would be some good advertising. I thinks it’s only 1.5 million $$ for a logo on the hood…what do you think Nick? Whats not to love about Nascar?

NASCAR is way too pricey for a non-profit. I don’t know where Dan comes up with these fibs. Anyway, the ultimate inspection vehicle worked great. PRO-LAB pays $1,000 a month and FREA pays $500 a month. We have a couple smaller sponsors too.

Funny, I was thinking the same thing myself when I read that advertisement.

Seriously, is there any credible documentation proving that INACHI generates tens of thousands of inspections jobs in Wisconsin with 22 different home inspections that are rarely, if ever, contracted from a home inspector?