Nachi Still Here ?

After last weeks big talk of Google dropping NACHI down to its knees,and how everyone should jump ship,it looks like the whole thing was a case of some guy screaming fire in a crowded movie theater.
What say the tech heads about present SE rankings?

I guess it was like the old story if you have not heard a rumor by ten O’clock Time to start one .

They were just trying to make some room so they could get in under the 10,000 mark.

The lights are dimming fast… Last one out, shut off the switch…:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :twisted: :twisted:

The lights are dimming fast… Last one IN, Lock the Door!!!..

Again, we are spinning off more and more of our online operations onto other servers. So though it might be true that (one of many sites we own) weighs less, the sum of all our sites continues to increase.

For instance: I think our already passed up Considering is a site which allows REALTORs and consumers to find NACHI members exclusively… you should be celebrating. is coming along too as are Remember folks, we’re unlike other associations that only have one website, so anyone trying to support their claim by pointing to one of NACHI’s pages doesn’t know what they are talking about. It would be like trying to write an inspection report for a home by looking at only one nail. We have over 624 million webpages. Shock and awe.

Lock the door :roll: :roll: Many are still waiting for the millions of foreclosure inspections exclusive only for the remaining nacho members, last I heard they are behind door #3 :twisted: :twisted:

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
I can tell from the “dan” barometer that Nick’s marketing of the FetchReport concept is having its desired effect of scaring the crap out of those who will have to compete against us.

It’s so nice of dan - who makes as much on a 1950 sq ft house as the average NACHI member makes on a 1200 ft condo - to be so worried about* our* welfare, isn’t it?

Thanks for stopping by and letting us all know how bad things are for us, dan.

Thank you for the explaination Nick.
Now we know how things are being handled.
Dan nothing happens overnight.Why just look how long it is taking ASHI to fade away,as one example.

Resistance is futile. All others shall be assimilated.

Hang around Nick for just a little while and watch some pretty heavy hitters come hat in hand to pay homage.

I read something interesting on another forum that claimed Google is grandfathering what others would call link farms ,so hopefully the brass is taking that into consideration if true.

ASHI fade away… I think not.
I’ve been around long enough to see that delivering promised services, honesty, and dislosing the facts/ truth, to members of any association, or to the public in our marketing, will always prevail in any thing we do in business or in life…
I’m sure your aware of the statment… If it sounds to good to be true, it’s probley not true.

I like the p’s in there. The power of p.

Get a sense of humer Dan,or are you just scared.Watch it ,there may be a NACHI guy behind you.Booooo
Here read this thread from today and find out where I stand on your issue and see what I put up with from ASHI members on a daily basis.
Imagine if they allowed me into the top secret forum they run.

For All the unnamed that gave me the red boxes on this post

I just recieved this valuable information from one of your members that knows what happening behind doors 1-2 @4 at nachi :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

What are you going to do Dan when ASHI tanks? Nick and NACHI will be there to pick up the pieces. We will leave the nay sayers behind! (YOU)

Dan make another intelligent post…

Yes your statement is a lot like you, if you sound to good to be true, you are probably full of bull!

You could take a page out of the honesty book Dan, you seem to have a knack for lying, cheating, and spouting off. All talk Dan, when are you actually going to prove anything you ever say?

Did you manage to put your name on your website Dan?

Thanks for the link. Interesting reading…
Like most other BB posts on HI requiremnts or titles, NACHI members feel the necessity to change the subject, try to defend their non verified "certificiation " requirements, and provide very little to the subject/ topic posted.
I did notice… Nobody answered Scott’s question.
Who or what is NACHI certifying ??.:roll: :roll:

kind of a moot point when he posts a statement like this: