Interesting weekend. To say the least!

OK, on Friday I had an early inspection. Water intrusion inspection. Quick (about 1 1/2 hours for a condo association), no report and paid $450. The3n back home and the weekend starts early, right?

Wrong. On the way home, I stopped at Walgreens to get some things and my cell phone went off. Det. Whatshisname from the Skokie Police. “Mr Decker, how far away are you and could you come home. Your house was broken into.” I was home in 5 minutes.

Met at the driveway by an Detective who handed me over to an Officer who took my information. Seems like the Police had this guy under survailence and followed him to my neighborhood, the lost him. They set up a perimeter and caught him. Trunk full of stuff, most of it was ours.

PS3 with controllers and small stereo (belongs to my Daughter at the Naval Academy)
Large computer monitor (my wife’s computer).
My laptop.
Some inexpensive jewelry (the good stuff is in the safe anong with much more. Well hidden safe :mrgreen: ).
139 DVDs and our luggage that he put it in.

And, the big stuff.

1 AR-15 (MP 4 clone) rifle.
1 Israeli 1911 style 45 cal. pistol
1 Beretta M 9, 9 mm pistol

All properly registered and licensed and all that stuff. Totally legal.

With cases, loaded mags and sights and other gun type stuff.

So, all the property was recovered.

Then, Saturday, the Officer calls and wants us to come by, before 3:00, and reclaim our stuff. We do, and get everything but the guns. The evidence tech says that we can recover those on Monday.

So, I show up on Monday and they say that they cannot give us the guns back and I have to talk to the Detective who isn’t in on Monday.

The Detective calls tonight and says that I cannot get the guns back until at least after the inditement. I tell him that we got the other stuff back already and not that I am complaining but why are the guns different? He is stupified that we got the other stuff back and says that the evidence tech’s head will roll for that. Says they need to keep the evidence in case the defense wants to check it and chain of coustety and all.

Says that the guns are the bigh thing because this guy was a convicted felon and the guns will add at least 10 years to his sentence.

The mutt was an illegal alien, from Iran, and had been arrested and convicted by the Detective 4 years ago, and he only served 2 years and spent 2 years in ICE custody but could not be deported because thet can’t deport to a “conflict country”.

I just hope this dic*k weed is convicted and put away for a long time.

And, I hope I get my guns back.

In any case, it gives me an excuse to but that M 1 Paratrooper rifle I had my eyes on. :mrgreen:

Unbelievable, what a scumbag. Glad that the scumbag was caught and no one was home when it happened. Have to be grateful for that.

On the contrary, I wish that I had been home (armed).

Do what I did…buy a gun safe.

I will. Just needed sometimng like this to justify the cost to my wife. I have a small one (two guns) for the pistols (but he jacked it). Buying a big one from Cabella.

Unfortunatly in Illinois you will probably never get your guns back. They have probably already melted them down. There is no more anti gun state in the union. Actually I’m surprised you could even own them. Hope you aren’t procecuted for “allowing” them into the hands of criminals. Hope I’m wrong.

I agree. He was a good boy. Victimized by Will’s irresponsibility.

I think that you are confusing Chicago (which is still silly) with the rest of Illinois. I am all legal and registered and all that. The detective said I was good (FOID and all), but said that they needed them for evidence trail.

I am happy to be without them for a month if it means that this dweeb gets sent to jail for a long time.

Don’t believe everything you seen on the NRA site. I do not live in Chicago, but in Skokie. The cops around here are rooting for me. I even shoot with them and the local Marines at a local range. They really like it when I bring my daughters. The older one, now at the USNA, is a sharpshooter and the little one is expert rated.

Joe. Please bite me.

Hope this helps;

How could you produce a “little one”?

Bad wording. 18 years old and soon to be attending the charm school at Parris island.

God bless them…tell them thanks for serving.

Yeah. Kids these days. Go figure :mrgreen:

The REAL little one (my granddaughter) is 2 1/2 years old and her mother (my oldest) is a “Mother Earth News” lefty. I can hardly wait to have a “drop her at Grandpa and Grandma’s” weekend. That’s when you teach them to field strip an M9 and “plink”.

I’m sure you’re aware, but the “rest”]( Illinois, including Chicago is the Only State that still denies the right to conceal and carry.

I don’t know. I got stopped a few years ago while getting gas near Joliet (just east I think) for “suspicion” because I had an NRA membership sticker on the car and a pro gun bumper stick and of course out of state plates. The cop was nice but said they just were trying to avoid problems. They asked if they could search the car. Really? I’m an old white guy with a retired military ID card? They agreed to look in places that I could not leagally have a firearm which I guess that means the passenger compartment because that made them happy. I left shaking hands with them with my .45 still in my concealed shoulder holster. Almost the same thing happened to me Cairo, Il two years later but without the car search, just questioning me. Illinois in my rear view mirror makes me happy. I’m glad Skokie is different. Maybe I’ll go there next time.

Chris, you can add Wyoming to the unrestricted part of that map. You just have to be a resident of Wyoming.

My feelings exactly. Then that towel-head creep would be permanently out of business.

Will, don’t you have any dogs or an alarm system?

Dogs are a huge deterrent her ein Port St. Lucie, FL.

Why can’t you circumsize an Iranian?

Because there’s no end to those pricks!

Glad this one is locked up.

If you get pulled over by the police for a traffic stop, do you have to tell them you have a gun permit and a loaded weapon under your console?

I went to a “Concealed Carry” class in Ma. The instructor was a police Officer. This question was asked and he said… No!