HG 5?

What the heck? I guess I have been too busy to notice that homegauge came out with a version 5? And apparently I have to pay full price for the new version and then for the companion on the tablet? Any of you HG guys have any comments on this. Any benefit to the new version besides the ability to use the companion on the tablet?
I think it would have been nice to have a notice on the homescreen that my version has been put out to pasture.

I have been using it since it came out as a beta. It is awsome, it has really cut down my report writing time. The new films strip(images can disappear if you want) is a big help and cuts down on number of clicks.

All that being said, I am now testing HIP because of the intergration with ISN and others. I will go live with it when the merge feature is finished:mrgreen:.

Shesh that whip keeps snapping. I’m going, I’m going! :mrgreen:

Dom, LOL He is just excited about converting to HIP because of the ISN integration! :slight_smile:

A little like a broken record? ha ha ha

Hahahaha. I’m working veeeeery hard on it. Spent a ton of time this weekend. Back to it now, if John see’s me posting here he’ll start yelling again!

Does HIP have any downloadable templates that may give me a jump start on customizing a report for my area? Do they have a forms option for windstorm etc?

Hi Kenneth,

Yes there’s dozens of templates within the software and on our message boards you can download. Our WindMit program is on Android Google Play and iTunes for iPhone/iPad.

Email me Ken. I’ll send you my templates. Been using it now forever. Dom I thought ISN already intergrated or am I confusing myself with Recall Chek?

ISN already integrates. John was referring to the ability to merge 5 inspectors reports from the same house and the same time, into one report. That’s what I’m working on right now.

I could see a work around to do merge by saving 1st one as a template then adding to it with second one and save merged as a new template then so forth.:slight_smile: (buildup)

Remember every report can be saved as a template.Nah too simple.

Actually would work but it would mean extra steps.

How can you be writting code if you are here on the messsssssssage board:D
Damn snake are everywhere, since your not coding did you find any Vagas pics:roll:

No, I didn’t find any :frowning: I’m hoping Michelle or John took some!

Did someone say HIP beta on tablet…?
I can’t wait!! It’s an amazing software, it literally cut my report time in 1/2.
Now if I’m able to complete my reports on site, I can book more inspections
& be done of very close to being done by the time I get to the office…
I think Dominic might need a new Beta tester in Miami… :roll: lol

I meant for the iPad.

Jerry, HIP was designed for a tablet from day 1. Check out the HP Slate 2, that’s one of the top devices right now. It works on Android tablets too , and soon even more, but Windows is where it shines due to handwriting recognition.

Anyone using the Android Nikon camera with HIP yet?

It’s not out yet. I can’t find it on Amazon or BestBuy.com. I think what you saw was a special demo that they had out.

Yeah Bob. I’m waiting on that camera as well. Please let me know if you find it. Thanks.