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How does video recording work? Assuming I can take a video with my phone/tablet in the HG app if I subscribe to the service and it uploads to the cloud? Do you guys use the mobile app much? Thanks

Hi Brenner,
The android is 3 years strong. The ios version is about ready (for ipad and iphone) We put up another build at the itunes store this past Wednesday. Many are using it and still waiting on some small issues to be corrected from our developer which should happen as soon as the iTunes store updates.

As far as video goes it is rock solid and works great. Not only on your customers computer, but also on their phone. Our stats say that 27 percent of your customers and agents open your report on their phone and yes only HomeGauge video works on the phone of your customers and agents.

To make sure you get videos to work you have to download Quicktime from apple (I think the link was in the license letter I sent you), and then run the install of HomeGauge again. You will not lose anything and HG will see Quicktime when it installs.

Next on your phone or tablet make sure your pictures are around 1 mb or above 700k. and your video compression around a meg or next to lowest setting. That way the cloud transfer works in seconds or a minute or two tops.

Awesome. Thanks Russell. Haven’t activated it yet, but I’m sure I will by this weekend. I called and talked to a member of your staff, (I think her name was T) and she was very helpful. Thanks again


The newer android phones have removed the menu button and have replaced it with a current apps used button. Now you have to long press the current apps button to get to the HG menu.

On the next version of HG Companion can you add a menu to the app itself. Most of the apps out there now have a three stacked dots to show indicate where this is. Example on it:

yes it took me a while to find it when I came across it for the first time.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Thank you!