Has anyone made the switch from HG to HIP. I am not wanting to buy more software and invest more time, but I am stuck where I am at and I want to use ISN and ACC. Is this going to be a miserable process of switching?

Not at all. There is a conversion that takes place seamlessly. Go to the HIP site and start an online chat. easy peasy.

We have a full converter and helped many people do it last week! We will run the conversion for you before you buy so you can test your template with HIP.

Why can’t you use ACC and ISN with HG?? They are integrated.

Thank you. Ill be looking into it a little more.

My question too.

ISN doesn’t care which software you use to make reports.

Yes to some degree. But I would still have to pay for the HG online services if I wanted to use html report and ISN. Which means I am paying for something I don’t need. Or my other option is the pdf report, and HG’s pdf reports are not that great.

Either HG needs to fully integrate with ISN or add a call center specific for them.

The problem is I have spent alot of money marketing video in my report, etc… So if I use ISN, I have to manually set the report to public viewing in HG (which I don’t want to do, and is terrible workaround) and then send it to ISN.

  1. Im tired of the work around for everything.
  2. So what? use the pdf. Well, the pdf reports do not look.
  3. Hiring someone to answer my phone and schedule using HG is alot more money than ACC and ISN.

If I’m missing something please let me know because I would love to be fully integrated without having to pay for both services.

I’ve never used HG myself, so I don’t understand how their video system works.

I’m a big fan of ISN though,

I’m not using HIP (yet) but HG not fully integrating with ISN is why our love affair only lasted a year (if that). It was good while it lasted, a fling so to speak;)

A really good friend recently switched and he told me he was scared of how long it would take to convert his library and he was more then pleased to find out it took only about an hour for HIP to convert. Good luck and let me know how it goes.

Seems odd that HG keeps giving ISN the cold shoulder.

Skyler, Home Inspector Pro and ISN work together every day. We even have a shared chat room to make sure our joint customers get the correct answer and aren’t passed back and forth between the two to resolve any issues.

HIP imports all client, home and other inspection info directly to the report. When you’re done you can upload the HTML and PDF version of your report directly to ISN with one click. If you’re a multi inspector company HIP can be setup to print DRAFT across the report when you’re employees generate a report to review. It’ll only go away when they upload to ISN (which you can track).

We have a ton of exciting new integrations coming out with ISN shortly. Stay tuned!

I’ve not yet learned that trick.

I still have occasional issues where when I open the files it inserts another agent. Or if there is no agent (because I was hired directly by the client, or it’s a non-agent sale), sometimes it will just pick an agent. Although I have neither of these problems consistently enough to pinpoint a cause and effect.

There’s no trick. Click on Upload Report to ISN and check the HTML and PDF button. Make sure you’re running the latest version!

HIP connects agents based on email address. What you’re describing probably comes from having an agent with no email in ISN. When importing it already sees an agent with no email and selects that one. We’re working with ISN on starting to use an Agent ID instead so we can connect them with a more unique indentifier.

What is the latest version for MAC?

I recall some time ago there was going to be a big update, out for Windows with MAC coming soon, but I never heard further.

I have MAC 4.5.4

Sorry, I forgot you were on Mac. We just released 4.9 for Windows. The Mac version got hampered because of their last update making some changes and the Apple store giving me the run around. We’ve gotten past all that now and I’ve given up on the Apple store for the moment so I can get the Mac version caught up. Look for its release late next week.

I am at 4.7 how do you update desktop?

Thank you.

(although I swear you’ve told me this before. lol)

Log into the HIP site with your account, click on User Menu=>Downloads.