As requested, I’m starting a new thread regarding HG integration with ISN and RecallChek.
I don’t think my idea of integration is the same as HG’s idea of integration. One of the nicest features of ISN is that it automatically creates an appointment in RecallChek. It also sends all of the information to HIP.
To speed things up and not be redundant, why can’t HG actually and truly integrate with ISN? I should be able to input my client data into ISN, then have it automatically pull said data into a new HG report.
Is that so hard?
Also, it’s not as big of a deal, but I have to leave HG Companion to enter recall information in the field. Surely there’s a solution for that.
Also, if I’m sending everything through ISN, why can’t I send a link to the HG report in HTML through ISN? The PDF version loses its luster.

I am with you Reese. I do appreciate that I can download the basic info into HG from ISN. I would love for us to be able to use a link to view reports in HG services.

I’m with both of you completely. I love HG but had to move away from the online HTML version, and went back to a PDF version. A simple link to the report in the ISN would be the best of both worlds. Not knocking HG services because I used it for years and it is great - just too many hoops for clients and agents.

I do not like hoops, a direct like would be great

You can make the Web Presentation report public and send the link that way if desired.

In the end, we believe in usernames and passwords. We believe that a professional home inspector delivers an important report that requires privacy. Its just a matter of time before someone sends that unprotected link to FB or it gets out and some seller is robbed, or feels their privacy was violated. HomeGauge delivers secure reports and we protect the privacy of all parties.

With time stamps I can prove when the inspector uploaded the report, when it was sent and to whom. When that person signs in and who forwarded a report and when that person signs in etc We dynamically track the report and the inspector gets an email each time it happens or each time it is viewed (can be turned off but most like knowing).

This model gives the buyer and agent their own landing page. It also builds loyalty as we store all the agents reports through the inspector. Many inspectors set up a sign in on their website (we give them an easy set up for it) and now buyers and agents are coming to the inspectors website to pick up the report. Its still us in the background hosting and managing the report but you get some seo for having them come to your site. More importantly you brand yourself to the agent as they come to your site to pick up their report and discover that all their reports are there.

We get some inspectors who believe passwords are a pain and some say their agents think so too. But the majority don’t say that or mind at all and agents love the report and the forwarding feature and report storage we give them through their inspector.

one story:
One agent representing the buyer called HG one day and said that the listing agent is refusing to return the earnest money deposit because she said she never received the report within the deadline. The buyers agent said he used our Forward Report feature. So we went to SEE ALL EVENTS for that agent and saw that he did forward the report to her and we had time stamps. He was elated and loves our model.

We integrated with ISN. Those that use ISN no longer has to retype their info. It does require the HG user to be a part of HG Services. We incur support time with questions about ISN from some users on a regular basis and also having to communicate errors etc. back and forth when settings aren’t set correctly back at ISN with the HG user. So if we must incur an expense then it should only be for those HG customers that continue to pay us in some form like HG Services.

Thanks Paul. I assume “hoops” means passwords. We have more than 7000 unique agents a week picking up their report with hoops and they love it.

I think its a choice and there are marketing benefits associated with the use of HG Services. But we do give you a choice. PDF’s or Web Presentations

Here is a sample report (our reports can be narrative, checklist many variations and colors etc.).

The Web Presentation is so much better than a pdf version. Some points to mention are social network marketing. For instance at the top of the report you will see a Facebook Recommend and Google+ Recommend. If your customer clicks on it your logo, website url and a note will go to the buyer’s timeline for hundreds of their friends to see. A click to your site helps your seo. If their friends need ancillary services you offer (radon, lead test perhaps) then you make more money off the same sale. A weeks worth of inspections could mean 500 impressions to your website. Some HG users actively ask the buyer that if you like the report will you do me a favor and click the FB recommend at the top?

  1. Expanding pictures in hi res
  2. video in the report
  3. 27 percent of your buyers sign in to view their report on the phone. Our web presentation is formatted for the phone and video works!
  4. Having the buyer and agent come to your site to pick up the report is branding.

Remember that HG logos in this sample is where your logos will go.
Sample Reportto see FB Recommend at top

Correct, referring to the password requirements. Could you expand on making the web presentation report public, how that’s done? Could I upload the report to HG services and quickly create a public link, no password requirement, then embed that link in my PDF report??

Absolutely! Just like you stated.

Not only that but since you uploaded it to HG, we store that report for 5 years and inside is your template. So if something happened and you lost your computer/damaged etc. I can give you back your template with all your auto comments etc because you uploaded the report in html.

Once you upload the report click “Viewing” and select Make public. The url is there and you can grab it and paste it or send it in an email. You can also make a sample report public for your website this way.

Thanks Russell. I may give this a try! An integrated link in ISN would be a great option though - since anyone who opens the PDF won’t likely click the web link unless I’m pushing the fact the web report has videos, additional info, etc. . Maybe something for your round table discussions. Thanks again for the response, do appreciate it.

Its not a true integration or at least a 2-way integration.

ISN feeds the info to HG Services (ISN---->HG).

Wouldn’t a better way of integrating the two services be a two way (HG<---->ISN). Currently there are too many steps involved.

Here is what is the current set-up:

Create order in ISN. ISN pushes to HG Services (ISN---->HGS)
Download to local HG Desktop (HGS---->you)
[optional]Upload report and template to HGS for companion use (you---->HGS)
[optional]Download report to companion for inspection (HGS---->you)
[optional]Upload report to HGS after completing field work (you---->HGS)
[optional]Download report from HGS to local HG Desktop (HGS---->you)
Complete report on desktop
Upload completed report to HGS (you—>HGS)
Send out email links from HGS (HGS---->client(s).

Why not add another upload back to ISN after report completion with the USER & PW with the link to the report.

When you Complete your order in ISN, the email template will pull the USER & PW w/ a link to the HG report. Agents will require their own.

This way its private and not a public link.

why not just use Home Gauge Services? Yearly fee, no per report charge many similar features but not all that ISN has I’m sure.

Not the same, ISN is more feature rich.

Try it out for a few months free and see.

Steve, I totally agree. We are currently using HG and ISN and it’s like you have to do everything twice. We need ISN as we are transitioning to a multi inspector firm.


Just getting started with HomeGauge. Is the step downloading from HGS to your desktop before doing the inspection needed? Is that the only way to select the proper template or something?

Is it possible at the end to manually update ISN with the link and login information? I want to use ISN to send marketing emails and I want my report URL and username/password IN those emails. Is that possible?

Thanks for your time,



Sorry I just saw this. The template once downloaded is there and should be usable from either device.

I don’t think it’s possible, but it’s a better question for Russell. I believe we the inspectors do not get the clients password.

Thanks for the update.

Russell: On reflection, I DO NOT want clients password, especially since they can change it anyway. If I put the URL to their report in an email will it prompt them for a password to view the report? My intention is to make sure they can easily refer to their report in the future with my marketing emails.


If you send the report link using our upload service you can also use our TRM feature which is Time Released Messages or marketing emails that you send out based on triggers that you create etc. The buyer’s report is at a landing page that has you and your company logos etc on it. They can sign in anytime to see it and it’s already there.

If you use ISN I am not familiar with their marketing letters but you certainly can include a link to their report in the email.