HG services

I just signed up with ISN, How is everyone sending over report if you still want it to look like the HGML online serives with homegauge?

Through HG. Can’t through ISN.

So are you sending out the time release messages from ISN or HG?

I send out through HG. I still upload through ISN as extra backup and for other uses.

Like the Real Estate Dashboard! :slight_smile:

Only the initial follow up thank you’s. All else is thru ISN. You can keep easier records in it. I keep report software separate from the office software as much as possible.

I wish we could send HTML reports from HG through ISN…

You could, but you would have to might have to make the report public and would be more manual work for you.

Has the status of this option changed? or does ISN still not support HTML report format?

Hi Ken,

You can send HTML with ISN. You must obtain the “public” link from HG in order to make it happen. Let me know if you need help.

If I understand correctly I will still need to use HG Services. I was hoping it could be directly uploaded to ISN

First, I love ISN. Second, I love HG.

That said, this is the worst. I spend time on two different platforms fighting to ensure all data is clean between the two.

My ideal world - I click upload in the HG software and mark the inspection pad in in ISN. The customer gets an email to a login on my website and gets to see the HTML report.

Both parties know this integration is sh|t and needs work. Why can’t your two companies hash it out and get it done? I know HG wants their own system but it is not the same and offers much less than ISN.

Please make HG ISN integration a focus for 2107.

By then technology will be a tad different I’m sure.

Ain’t gonna happen. HG doesn’t play well with others.

This has been the biggest reason why I delayed signing up for ISN.

Hi Michael (et al):

I wish I had better news. :frowning:

We would be thrilled to connect better with HG’s services. We have even supplied a special custom API just for the link, username/password specific to HG’s HTML delivery. Our API is always public and available as well (always has been).

All we need them to do is support it -OR- provide us an API for HG and we are happy to connect. If they had an API I’d bake you an awesome integration!

Thanks, Chris