Welcome Home Gauge Switchers

Sorry you guys have to deal with this but you made the right choice. The choice alot of HIP users would have made, if the shoe was on the other foot.

I’m sure Dom and company will be busy helping all of the new blood so you may have a 15 minute response time (instead of the usual 5 min.). If that’s too long, feel free to hit me up.

We are all in this together. We control OUR industry. We control what goes in OUR agreements. We control who gets OUR clients information.

I applaud your move-

Geff Spry 206 234 7779

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It looks like we’re going to have to switch over. There’s zero chance that we will include language in our agreement giving HomeGuage (American Family Insurance) our clients’ confidential information.

I remember seeing a program that transfers over HIP software to HomeGauge. Hopefully there is software that transfers our comments from HomeGauge over to HIP.

The search for new software begins.

HIP has complete converters for your templates and narratives. All you have to do is start a ticket with Customer Service and they will transfer everything for you. Welcome into the light. :mrgreen:

Hi Charles!

As Stephen mentioned, just shoot us a message at help@homeinspectorpro.com or call us at 888-750-4777 and we’ll setup a time to do a short remote session, install HIP for you and convert your HG templates over. Welcome aboard!

Go to the very lively HIP forum on FB and many will help.HIP has tons of features and does have a learning curve like any other loaded with alternatives.

There are so many ways to use it and collect or add data that my new term for it is “Swiss Army Knife”.

I am trying to crack out of my dinosaur shell and get with the times.

Are you using ISN, Home Binder?

What would be the best HIP videos to watch to catch up with HIP from 2015 to present day?

When copying a document (Like my agreement) into HIP do I need to use a text convertor like notepad?

Thanks, Happy New Year

Sign up for one of the live classes, there is a ton of new improvements that have been made a ton more coming down the pike.

Great idea, thanks!

Can a live class be viewed online?

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The entire 1.5 hour mobile training video can. Go to Support on our website and then Mobile Support. On the desktop support watch the videos on Glossary, Cover Page Stationery, Linked Images, Common Captions, etc.

Thank you!! Are the any videos with ISN and HIP or is this mostly covered with ISN training?

I’m here to help you guys as well. I know hip desktop pretty well.

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ISN has several

Not true, real estate agents do. :wink:

What guarantee do we have that Dom won’t sell to some large company next year or next week and do the same. Everyone wants data and they will figure out a way to get it. Everything is for sale for the right price.

True, Dom is a businessman. I have known him for near on 10 years now, and I trust him and his personal ethics to do what is right for his clients. I trust that he will never knowingly place us and our clients at risk. If you are still unsure, send your reports via pdf (desktop) and he will never know who your clients are to divuldge their info. I don’t use mobile so I can’t speak to that scenario. IMO, the cloud is the most insecure and readily hackable system out there, so if you depend on it, it is simply a matter of time before the technology (not the vendor) “gets you”.

I dislike agreeing with you on anything but in this case you are correct. I use Dom’s cloud service and it bothers me that my client info is floating around on a computer data base. HIP has a block for client E-mail and I do not use it but the name and address is still on the report and I have no control over it in la la land unless I don’t put names and address on the report sent to the cloud I could do that back on the desk top. I could also delete it from the cloud after I download to my desktop. At this point I trust Dom unless he proves other wise

I wonder why the N S A built (or still building?) a facility capable of storing over 1000 years of all internet traffic?

So future generations of N S A 'ers can surf vintage porn whenever they want! :wink:

You don’t need to use the cloud at all if you use the desktop and just generate and email the report out.

Why can’t you eliminate the cloud for users of mobile?