HGTV is Calling...any taker's?

If anyone is interested in having their own T.V. Show “The Mike Holmes of Home Inspections” please e-mail me and I will pass your info to David. Oh BTW you will have me as a quest Inspector from time to time!

I have three people in mind, Billy DeVries., David Cook and friend Mike from Home spec.
I’m sure we have more HI that are qualified and meet the criteria!

Hi Mario,

I’m a Development Producer for an independent TV production company . Currently, we’re looking to get a series off the ground on home inspections, and since you are “Inspector of the Year.” I thought you would be able to recommend a few names to me. We need someone who is personable and outgoing and knows home inspection well between the ages of 30 - 40. If you know of any one, please let me know.

David C.

Is this a “Canadian thing” only?

Hi Richard,

I’m assuming that it is, It would be difficult for anyone else to make it to Toronto on a daily basis for filming. More details to follow soon!

As promised gentlemen, David has e-mailed me this info!


When it comes to uncovering ALL problems and surprise expenses a house may have before a buyer purchases a home, are you the expert? Can you use your inspections skill to determine if a house is a real gem or a complete disaster waiting to happen? We want to hear from you! Established indie prod co. looking for the next HOT TALENT, ideally between the ages of 30 and 40, for reality/lifestyle TV on home inspections. Must have PERSONALITY and PASSION!

Send a photo & resumé along with a paragraph on why you’d make great TV to:

P.O Box 70569
2938 Dundas Street West
Toronto ON M6P4E7

**Or e-mail to: **

Submission Deadline: May 16, 2008 (Demo tapes are encouraged but not necessary. They will not be returned)


This will be huge gentlemen, get your info to David!

I do not watch any of these HGTV type shows.

Funny or sad thing however you want to look at it, a couple months ago I inspected a Flip this House Home here in Atlanta on Van Epps St. It was one of the worst hack jobs I’ve inspected. Top 5 all time for Mold infestation.

It looked real pretty on TV!:wink:

We had another story running here in the ATL several months ago about a Flip this House guy named Sam Miles. Whole episode was totaly staged, never completed, he did not even own the home! Rather he was hired to do some remodel work on it. The landscaping was ‘‘rented’’ and removed or taken back! How nuts is that!:shock:

Wonder what they pay, if at all?

Besides we have NachiTV!