HI and mold update

The House Economic Affairs Committee took up and passed the Proposed Committee Substitute for HB 5005 which repeals several professions regulated by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, Home Inspectors and Mold Related Services were removed from the bill, therefore the threat of repeal has been relieved at this junction.

In HB 5007, the DeReg Streamline bill included revised grandfathering language that has been traveling in SB 396 minus the requirement that a Division 1 Contractor also needing an Electrical Contractor and a HVAC license.

What was NOT included in HB 5007 was the language striking the repair clause. The bill sponsor of HB 5007 and staff did not feel it was appropriate to include the language, however we will be sticking to the plan to have it included in HB 849 and remain in SB 396.

I’m thinking it will be a good thing when the legislature goes home. :roll:

Now if we could only get congress to only meet for two months a year…:mrgreen:

What a crock of ****, a licensing law with no friggin’ standards, only our asshole legislators & idiot Governor in Tallahassee would approve… GO! N-E-W-B-I-E-S !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

We need DBPR to be allowed to draft rules again and make sure the rules are the ones we can live with. The realtors I deal with don’t want inspectors estimating work or conducting repairs on homes they inspect. We are on common ground there and we need to make any alliances we can on that issue.

Agree 100%