Will PCB BCAS 11-01 pass?

I can see the argument from both sides. My question is, do you guys actually think we will keep the licenses or not? Do you think Jimmy Patronis will be able to get home inspectors removed from this bill? Just wondering what the guys with inside knowledge think?

Hopefully not.
Hopefully the mistake will never be made again.
All licensing does is cost us all time and money. It is good for nothing.

After reading this I emailed by representatives AGAIN, asking for them to repeal the law.

I hope they dont repeal, but then again with this industry who knows…

Latest update… 12:30 PM Tuesday March 15, 2011

Tallahassee, Fla. – Two proposed committee bills (PCBs) that aim to deregulate business in the State of Florida today passed the House Business & Consumer Affairs Subcommittee. The first PCB (PCB BCAS 11-01) deregulates certain professions and occupations, while the second bill (PCB BCAS 11-02) reduces and streamlines current regulations

These are all of the licenses that are up for repeal.

Athlete Agents
Auctioneer Apprentices
Body Wrappers
Business Opportunities
Charitable Organizations
Community Association Managers/Firms
Condominiums and Cooperatives
Dance Studios
Employee Leasing Companies
Hair Braiders
Hair Wrappers
Health Studios
Home Inspectors
Interior Designers
Intrastate Movers
Landscape Architects
Nail Specialists
Mobile Home Lots
Mold-related Services
Motor Vehicle Repair Shops
Professional Geology
Professional Surveyors and Mappers
Rooming Houses
Sellers of Travel
Talent Agents
Yacht and Ship Brokers
Water Vending Machines
Television Tube Labeling
Sales Representative Contracts

Honestly I think it would be great for our States economy.

If someone does a customer wrong there are laws in place to deal with it anyhow.

Less government = A Stronger Economy

maybe ill become a hair braider

Lice is going around the schools. I would consider a job as a Nit Picker but I cannot see so well anymore.

I can see the wheels turning now. All of those girls from the Bahamas moving to South Florida.

There’s a few here that should be repealed…but there’s also a few that shouldn’t.

What no contractor licenses.

Now there is a license that serves no purpose. Imagine all the tradesman being able to do side jobs. Talk about putting people to work…

Hmmm I see hair wrappers and hair braiders but no Hair Benders. I am leaning towards body wrapper; don’t usually need a ladder, moisture is a plus not a negative and how much could Saran Wrap be by the gross.

Hey Tom,

Did a Contractor screw your wife or girlfriend?

If you are so damn envious I ask you again why don’t you go get your G.C. license?

I did get fired once. I was accused of doing his daughter at the office Christmas party on his desk. I probably wouldn’t of got caught if i didn’t leave such a big mess. I was a little wild back then. Alot of late 70’s and early 80’s going on.

Maybe you don’t read to good… once again for the big dummy

Unfair competition… licensed contractors can offer free wind mits with a home Inspection. Of course you are to dumb to figure that out.

Why is it that people are acting like this was a 100 year old license being removed? What did everyone do before Dec 2010?

For those who cannot market, licensing ROCKS…

Get you G.C. License dummy.

Russ is right.

My local news just ran a story about this. They said that it is a given that this will pass. There is just not enough votes for it not too. The Republicans have enough power and a Governor that will sign the bill.

As in it will be repealed?

If so do you intend on trying to bring licensing back?

This will kill it for a long time if repealed. :smiley:

Forever is the only option