hi everyone

hi everyone:

As the member of Internachi,now I am writing the business plan. I need a letter from the our Canadan member, who can help me?
The thing is I need the letter for you, to say:

1 I (jian ming zhang) am the member of Internachi, and also the member of Canada NACHI

2 We have member champter in Quebec Canada, They are all working in Canada as home inspector.

3 I ( Jian Ming Zhang) can open the business in Canada, Because the Quebec prov. have no home inspection licence.
I have already send it to Nick, but I also need the second letter from the Canadian member.

thanks a lot , I need this letter.

happy new years

jian ming zhang Nachi 08051401
My e-mail stahome@live.com


I don’t fully understand what it is you want or need, so I will leave this alone and allow a more qualified person to help you with this!


Are you trying to write a business plan for a bank loan or grant?

I’m having a hard time trying to figure out just what type of a letter your looking for and the reasoning behind having such.

In America some banks or lending institutions, especially small business loans for minorities, women, etc; do in fact require a business plan.

Is this what your looking for?

it is not for the loan, it is only to tell the custom , i can open the home inspection business.

I’m still confused [BTW it doesn’t take much to confuse me] even with this latest information.
You don’t need permission from anyone to start a HI business in Canada. All you require is a business license from your Province and maybe from your City or Town.